Monday, November 3, 2014

Types of Kneels - Mouse 11-1-2014

[12:11]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): i offered to teach brit the meanings behind the kneels Miss Carley
[12:11]  Carley Noonan pulls Britt close and kisses Britt
[12:11]  Carley Noonan: Oh mouse thank you
[12:11]  Carley Noonan: we are trying to get her edumacated
[12:12]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): may i take the center for a moment please
[12:12]   ღ Ţєşşa Romanov ღ (tessaromanov): fine by me mousey-love
[12:12]  Mermaid Stormcrow: please do, mouse.
[12:13]  Carley Noonan: of course mouse
[12:13]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): this little workshop is called "On your knees"
[12:13]   ღ Ţєşşa Romanov ღ (tessaromanov): oo
[12:13]  アєקקє尺 ℳαýαкø (pepper.mayako) smiles and watches the one called mouse
[12:14]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): in it i will attempt to explain the meanings behind the various kneels
[12:14]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): usually as a submissive one is required to go to one's knees in certain positions
[12:14]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): but
[12:15]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): what to they mean and what do they evoke
[12:15]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): let's start at the basics: kneels indicate in general two things:
[12:16]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): respect and subservience
[12:16]  BrittaneyAnne: listens
[12:17]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): for showing respect and subservience, this kneel would be sufficient
[12:17]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): it is called kneel-up
[12:17]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): as my body is erect and i am resting my weight fully on my knees
[12:17]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): i am also with thighs parted, for support
[12:18]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): were i naked my pubic area would be well visible
[12:18]  Carla (cyberspy): hehe
[12:18]  アєקקє尺 ℳαýαкø (pepper.mayako) eyes smile wide seeing the well taught girl
[12:19]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): as i said, this kneel would be sufficient, but thanks to gorean role play submissives have a wider range of showing their subservience and even their emotional state
[12:20]  Barbi Burnstein: um Mouse? please if i can ask, how can i do that one with an open collar?
[12:21]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): i will distribute a folder with the kneels at the end, popping one in an open collar is trivial, with a little knowledge of editing.
[12:21]   ღ Ţєşşa Romanov ღ (tessaromanov): ooo
[12:21]  Akala Tanara (slyan.alena): Not in Gor yet still use many things that came from it. A lot of poses..
[12:21]  Barbi Burnstein: oh thank you Mouse!! - i've always wanted to know how to do that
[12:21]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): let's go over quickly though the so called "gorean" kneels
[12:21]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): the first one is tower
[12:22]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): tower is the kneel mandated in gorean protocol for slaves who have not been sexually touched, and is the only admitted kneel for slaves to use in front of women.
[12:23]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): it is equivalent to kneel-up in that it shows the slave's availability to serve
[12:23]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): it's the one kneel that precludes sexual use
[12:24]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): it is a "service" kneel. when kneeling in this position, a slave communicates: "i am a service slave"
[12:25]   ღ Ţєşşa Romanov ღ (tessaromanov): on these cushions it is the 2nd set called 'sit on feet'
[12:25]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): on to the other kneels
[12:25]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): the kneel of the pleasure slave
[12:25]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): it's called nadu
[12:26]  Carley Noonan: one of my favorites
[12:26]  BrittaneyAnne: makes a note
[12:26]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): it means that the slave is available to be sexually used
[12:26]  Akala Tanara (slyan.alena) started to avoid using these kneels to not confuse people who knew the meanings behind them.. :P
[12:27]  Carley Noonan: Mouse, in Gor does that mean available to ANYONE or just the Master
[12:27]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): any one, Miss Carley.
[12:28]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): any master can use a pleasure slave
[12:28]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): unless she is restricted.
[12:28]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): even if restricted a pleasure slave must nadu to a man, however.
[12:28]  BrittaneyAnne: and if she is restricted which kneel is to be used?
[12:29]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): i said it already but i will say again:
[12:29]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): even if restricted a pleasure slave must nadu to a man.
[12:30]  Carley Noonan: [12:28] (You): So we Mistresses must be aware that if there a Gor men around having our girl in that pose invites trouble
[12:30]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): yes Miss Carley
[12:30]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): however, gorean men seldom venture out of gorean sims
[12:31]  アєקקє尺 ℳαýαкø (pepper.mayako): should leave the girl in tower
[12:31]  Barbi Burnstein thankfully ;)
[12:31]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): apparently, "earth" is too intimidating to them
[12:31]  Carley Noonan: right Barbi
[12:31]  Akala Tanara (slyan.alena) giggles
[12:31]  BrittaneyAnne: giggles
[12:31]  Barbi Burnstein smirks
[12:31]  Carley Noonan: but sometimes one of us might end up in a market where Gor men are around
[12:31]  Carley Noonan: if looking for certain style clothes
[12:32]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): yes Miss Carley
[12:32]  Carley Noonan: continue mouse
[12:32]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): however markets found in gorean sims (usually in the sky) are considered out of character areas
[12:33]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): nadu has other variants
[12:33]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): nadu wide is the more popular
[12:33]  Carley Noonan: that was the one I left you in by the fire last night Britt
[12:34]  BrittaneyAnne: yes Miss Carley i remember quite well
[12:34]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): if nadu was the expression that a slave is available for use, nadu wide is more explicitly expressive of the slave's availability for sexual use
[12:34]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): in essence, nadu wide is inviting Masters to come and use sexually the slave
[12:36]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): nadu wide has a second position, equally expressive of the slave's "heat"
[12:36]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): naduw2
[12:37]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): finally the third variation of nadu wide
[12:37]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): it is supposed to show complete and utter surrender to the Master's sexual urges and whims
[12:38]  Carla (cyberspy): good pose Mouse. Prepare yourself
[12:38]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): yes Miss Carley
[12:39]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): outside of Gor, where these kneels are not so ritualised, they can be used by submissives to show surrender to their owner
[12:39]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): other kneels serve the same purpose, without being so explicit
[12:39]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): the most popular is bracelets
[12:40]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): in this kneel the hands are behind the back, it is a sign of surrender, of saying "i am at your mercy"
[12:41]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): at the same time the parted thighs show that one is available and open to the will of the dominant, whatever it is.
[12:42]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): there are of course merely decorative kneels
[12:42]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): open comes to mind
[12:43]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): this is the second variation of the open kneel
[12:43]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): it has all the implications and symbolism implicit in bracelets
[12:44]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): only this one is more wanton, so to speak -blush-
[12:44]  Barbi Burnstein: ...with a little more OOOH factor.....
[12:44]  Barbi Burnstein giggles
[12:44]  Akala Tanara (slyan.alena): Hehe, sounds like a fittingly Mousey one though.
[12:44]  Mermaid Stormcrow: I haven't seen this kneel before.
[12:46]  Carley Noonan: I like this one
[12:46]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): the more relaxed position, "open" is less of a kneel and more of a "come hither" pose
[12:46]  Akala Tanara (slyan.alena): hehe
[12:46]  Barbi Burnstein resists the urge to move closer....
[12:47]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): this one is a more formalised kneel, without being a tower pose
[12:47]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): it's called "onknees" in the package i will distribute
[12:48]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): there are several more in there, of course
[12:49]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): kneel down, kneel-dn in the package, can be used by submissives who like to distinguish between the kneel they use for their owner and the kneel they take for others
[12:49]  Carley Noonan: which one is that Tessa
[12:50]  BrittaneyAnne: this is getting complicated!
[12:50]  Carley Noonan: TESSA WILL DISTRIBUTE A LOG
[12:50]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): and finally
[12:50]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): the one kneel that is used once
[12:51]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): submit
[12:51]  Carley Noonan: nods
[12:51]   ღ Ţєşşa Romanov ღ (tessaromanov): on these pillow it is submit too
[12:51]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): it is used only once because one uses this kneel when begging to be collared
[12:51]  Barbi Burnstein whispers: perhaps we could all line up to try them for the Misses after we have the folder?
[12:51]  Carley Noonan: you want my collar mouse? hehe
[12:52]  MissSasha Topaz: i think sans would take issue Carley
[12:52]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): an unowned submissive uses this to say "i surrender to You, please take me as Yours."
[12:52]  Carley Noonan: oh darn
[12:53]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): this is the kneel i use for others
[12:53]  Carley Noonan: I like it Mouse
[12:53]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): it's simply called "kneel"
[12:54]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): it has the implications of kneel-up, while being more demure
[12:55]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): this concludes my demonstration and the explanation of the various kneels
[12:55]  Carley Noonan: very good mouse!
[12:55]  Mermaid Stormcrow: mouse, thank you so much!
[12:55]  Barbi Burnstein claps loudly
[12:55]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): i will now open for questions
[12:55]  BrittaneyAnne: thank you mouse!!!

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