Thursday, October 22, 2015

Family ala becky Highness 7 Oct 2015

[11:58] Jenna (noamuthquortek): Safe to assume it's open to the public?
[11:59] sadiziah: twirls my hair round my finger
[11:59] Becky S. Rexie (becky.koolhoven): oh yes
[11:59] Becky S. Rexie (becky.koolhoven): if you think they can handle it
[12:00] Jenna (noamuthquortek): I know how to safeword if it's too much for me.l
[12:02] Becky S. Rexie (becky.koolhoven): welcome everyone to the 124th discussion entitled, Becky
[12:02] Becky S. Rexie (becky.koolhoven): nice to have you here in so big numbers
[12:04] Becky S. Rexie (becky.koolhoven): first topic is panties and how some love to fill them.... nah! seriously....
[12:04] Becky S. Rexie (becky.koolhoven): the topic today will be, family, but more how to make it grow

Discipline vs Punishment 4 Oct 2015 Miss Fawn discussion

[2015/10/03 12:14]  Fawn Starflare: Greetings, and thank you for coming.

[2015/10/03 12:29]  Fawn Starflare: I think, as it is on my mind, we will talk about discipline and punishment.
[2015/10/03 12:29]  Fawn Starflare: some of you saw the bundle of stinging nettle I was holding when you came.
[2015/10/03 12:31]  Fawn Starflare: However, first, I made some changes to my profile last night.
[2015/10/03 12:34]  Fawn Starflare settles herself in the chair.
[2015/10/03 12:35]  Fawn Starflare: are we all ready to proceed.
[2015/10/03 12:35]  Ana Topaz (anathae.bogart): yes Miss
[2015/10/03 12:35]  Ekaterina Urstein (arsanerit): nods
[2015/10/03 12:35]  gwen (sapphicfancy): yes Miss
[2015/10/03 12:37]  Fawn Starflare: The point I am making here is the difference between training and play.

Fawn's family discussion 10/10/2015

[2015/10/10 12:09]  Fawn Starflare: Ok, ladies and girls, it is definitely nice to see you all here.  I want these to be group chats, but everyone is so quiet at the beginning I tend to lecture.  The way to stop it is to ask questions, or make a statement.  This will work very well as I will be speaking about why I believe I have a successful family. So it's my experience and it WILL differ from yours.
[2015/10/10 12:11]  Fawn Starflare: One thing my girls and I have discussed over the week is how things look different from inside and outside the family.  We have what appears to be very strict ownership, control, and discipline.  However, it functions because we each give to the others what they desire.  My girls do not want control so I make choices for them. They want to be kept on leash, and there is nothing I love more.  Walking around with my three or four girls on leash is a trip.  And If I take them to a restaurant and keep them bound and hand feed them in public, they love it as much as I do.  But it works because they turn over control and generally do not try to wrest it back.  If they do, well there will be a struggle of will.  I will come out on top and there will be "punishments" but we've all had fun.  In a way, from the inside, it does not really look so much like BDSM or as the middle two letters indicate, D/s.