Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The massage table upstairs is fixed/improved

The massage table in the intimate room is now equiped with some nice animations and scripts. Just click on it for a menu. Enjoy!


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Items by Gaby around the Cellar

One of our members, Gaby Puddlegum, is a talented and imaginative BDSM device maker. You can see (or use) some of her devices around the Cellar and its grounds. I will let you find them!

Below they are being enjoyed by my girl (dont believe her expressions she like them - especially the display stand ;-)).

They include a head trap:
A penetrating display stand:

Some simple stocks:

And a clever gorse bush that tears off your clothes if you are dragged through it:

Try them out, especially while wearing a RLV relay.

To buy them from her go to her vendor at:

PS. If other members would like to donate their items to the cellar and for me to promote them like this, do IM me. I am always keen to help promote the creative efforts of Cellar members (who I think are an exceptionally intelligent and creative bunch, but then I am probably extremely biased in this regard!).


Monday, March 8, 2010

Shackles, the Cellar and the sim (Caudron)

Nora can no longer run Shackles and has closed it. She is looking for people to rent/buy the rest of the sim (i.e. the other 2/3 of the sim - Caudron). If you know of anyone who would want to buy/rent this, please contact Nora Caudron.

the Cellar will NOT close, but if Nora can not find someone to buy/rent the rest of the sim we may have to move. Suggestions for appropriate 3500 prim spaces to me please (just in case).