Wednesday, July 1, 2015

New Submissive Training week 3

Week 3: Collars, PE and TPE

1) What is PE and TPE? When do they apply?
2) Protective Collar
3) Training/trial/Consideration Collar
4) Full Collar
            a) What is the message?
            b) What are the responsibilities?
            c) Ownership and knowing your place

New Submissive Training week 2

[17:04]   ღ Ţєşşa Romanov ღ (tessaromanov): this is the agenda: Week 2: Safety and relationship building
 1) Safety in communication (what not to share)
 2) Red flags; Are they who they say they are?
 3) SSC, RACK and Safe words
 4) Relationship building
    a) Progress using Communication and Time
    b) Building a Foundation of Trust and Honor
    c) Behaviors of an adult in an adult relationship

New Submissive Training Week 1

(photo from a 2014 discussion)

Submissive Training June 2015

Week 1: Introduction
    1)  Welcome to Cellar, Sim Rules, Purpose of submissive class
    2)  Self Exploration
            a) Core values and alignment
            b) Personal likes/dislikes/fears/limits
            c) Communication with self and others
    3)  What is a submissive/slave heart? What is a submissive/slave?
            a) Common misconceptions
            b) Truth of service NOT stereotype
    4) The other
            a) Safety
            b) Getting to know You