Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tisiphone and Selena are Wed!

Much to everyone's surprise (and I think theirs) Tisiphone and Selena decided to get married today!  

Although both hide it well under a venner of playfullness, I know there is real love and friendship between them.

They made touching pledges to each other in a simple improvised ceremony, and then were married.

Those who could make it at only 10 mins notice did and joined in congratulating them.

Unusually the couple were very quiet afterwards as they danced.

May I wish them many happy years together.


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Silks-only night at the Cellar

This thursday there will be a silks-only night.  That is the normal rule about no nudity will be relaxed and there will be an obligation for everyone to wear silks of some kind (broadly interpreted).

This will last from 8pm SL time (4 GMT if my calculations are correct) for the next 12 hours.



Annemarie and liz's wedding

On friday, Annemarie and liz were wed in a beautiful ceremony.  Everyone I talked to was deeply touched.  I will post some pictures when they are available, though I expect there will be many on Liz's blog (when she has some time to catch up).


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Prison Facilities

Over the last few months I have been transforming the prison block downstairs.

To get to it you click on the blank wall opposite the stairs.

Now has two cells, a rack, a plunger (!), a head trap some leashing rings and a some more robust animations. 

But best is the deep, dark oubliette below - sit your sub on the manhole to send them down (only way out is to TP them). 

Enjoy, sorry only for full members or those accompanying them!