Thursday, October 30, 2008

Exhibition and competition - SL D/s Pics of Cellar Members

There will be an exhibition of SL pictures of you (and maybe your sub or Mistress) in the Cellar starting on the 18th November for one week.  Submissions for this must feature one or more Cellar members, have a D/s theme, either explicity or tame, and be sent to me in-world as a texture with copy and modify permissions by the end of the 16th November.

All Cellar members will then have a week toview them all and vote on their favourite.  I will announce the winner (or winners) at the end of a week on the 25th November.  The best will be then installed as framed pictures around the Club.  No prize other than (a little) glory and a place on the Cellar wall!


San Mauvaise

Friday, October 24, 2008

New Quality Free stuff from Nandana Singh at the Cellar

There are a number of plaques that give out free collars and other stuff down the hall by the freebies.  All from Nandana Singh (to whom many thanks).



Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Anniversary of me and my pet, Ratna Markova

It is exactly one year since I met my jewel of a pet, Ratna Markova, hanging around at the edge of Bondage Ranch.  Since then she has been my loyal and constant pet.  I count myself very fortunate to have the submission and company of such a wonderful, caring and loving woman.


Monday, October 20, 2008

Open Collar

Nandana Singh has done a great thing by programming a good quality free collar!

Open Collar is a free, open-source fully functional collar with full permissions. It has many features that collars costing L$100s do. From version 2.1 it also includes support for the Restricted Life Viewer.

Since there are full modify permissions there are now a number of versions, including a punk version!

These are freely available, for example from the "Free Scripted Collar" vase at the freebies section down the Hall at the Cellar or from the Cellar shop ( and press the "Yes" to show mature items like the collar).

You may pass it on to others, but please at no cost and with full permissions (please read the license notice that comes with the collar).



PS. If anyone knows any other good quality free items that we could help distribute then please tell me.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Wash Room Facilities in the Dungeon

I am developing one of the rooms off the dungeon downstairs as a "utility room" for checking out and cleaning dirty subs ;-)

Thus there are facilities for intimately shaving and inspecting/cleaning your sub (sit on balls for the shaving bench, click on things for the inspection).

Also a machine for 'rinsing' a pet (also heating them to dry them), a hose (click on it) for hosing them down and a washing line with points for hanging them out to dry.

I am still looking for a good machine to 'spin dry' subs, so if you know of any suitable, please tell me!