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Dressing your subbie 14 Aug 2014

[12:06:28] Fawn Starflare: Thank you all for showing your support of our wonderful group and club by coming down.
[12:07:36] Fawn Starflare: By now you know that after some opening remarks I sit back and just keep the conversation going. Today's topic provides lots for each of you to contribute.
[12:09:12] Fawn Starflare: My first notion of this talk came about a week ago. A woman came in in silks, black lace T&T belt, and hair gelled to look like there was a stiff breeze.
[12:09:42] Mermaid Stormcrow quietly walks into the discussion and sits down
[12:09:59] Fawn Starflare: She was a vision of loveliness and her manners matched, and just by looking at her you knew her Mistress loved her very much to guide or impose that presentation.
[12:12:13] Fawn Starflare:  The thing is as we look around we have all dressed or been dressed not only to be pleasing to the eye but for other purposes as well.
[12:12:48] Brianne Erin: to please ones self or others
[12:13:13] Mermaid Stormcrow nods in agreement
[12:13:14] Fawn Starflare: An curious thing about this as that many of the decisions that go into creating this image or not made consciously.
[12:13:41] Fawn Starflare: Now I will show of a few things about toy, and open the conversation to everyone.
[12:13:59] Fawn's Sex Doll smiles
[12:14:14] Fawn Starflare: Yesterday morning I changed aspects of toy's attire and restraints.
[12:14:52] Fawn Starflare: No I love having her arms in reverse prayer because it is such a tough position.
[12:15:08] Fawn Starflare: However for a change I went with her arms behind her neck.
[12:15:16] Fawn's Sex Doll wiggles a bit to show off herself
[12:15:30] Fawn Starflare: The hood is the RF mesh hood which has 6 or 7 configurations.
[12:15:37] Fawn Starflare: This one is called tattler.
[12:16:03] Fawn Starflare: The only openings are for mouth and nostrils
[12:16:33] Fawn Starflare: Her legs are bound in the MD loose kneeling position.
[12:17:08] Fawn Starflare: I also made a choice to have a visible, over the hood gag. It was pink.
[12:18:02] Fawn Starflare: Now the pink stands out from the dark blood color of the hood. At one point I had wanted that, but yesterday it did not meet my unconscious needs
[12:19:23] Fawn Starflare: Now I am going to get up and walk her around the circle. Now as I do, think about how she is moving. What it would be like to be on leash with no sight,. What do the rope through her pussy and around her breasts feel like as she moves.
[12:20:27] Fawn Starflare: Darn she was slow about getting off the cushion!
[12:21:20] Fawn's Sex Doll giggles
[12:21:44] Fawn Starflare: I just love that classic MD knee walk.
[12:21:44] Fawn's Sex Doll: i kam't co im kiwkwe, Goddeff
[12:22:27] Fawn Starflare: I remember seeing it for the first time on my 7th day in SL almost 4 years ago.
[12:23:42] Fawn Starflare: Please know that the transcripts of these chats are posted in the group blog for those who were late, could not come, or just want to revisit some points.
[12:25:30] Fawn Starflare: So lets look back at how toy is done up. A large part of it is a blending of her aesthetic and mine. She has wonderful fashion sense so long as everything is latex.
[12:25:49] Fawn's Sex Doll smiles
[12:26:08] Fawn Starflare: Ok, the rope harness looks nice, and feels nice if it's not tight.
[12:26:32] Fawn Starflare: However if it's tighten, it wears on you, and the sub soon finds it most annoying.
[12:27:15] Fawn Starflare: She is luck her pussy i protected by latex. From first hand experience I can tell you that spending a day in a crotchrope leaves you very raw.
[12:28:03] Fawn Starflare: Knowing how tight to make things is largely a matter of my mood, but toy and most subs can feel and appreciate the subtleties.
[12:28:14] Fawn's Sex Doll: ^_^
[12:28:56] Fawn Starflare: Making her walk on her knees is an intentional cruelty. I am afraid I am not as Sadistic as toy might ideally desire, so I do keep this in mind.
[12:29:45] Fawn Starflare: The knee walking is made harder by having her arms bound so they cannot counter the moton of trying rock up on one knee and swing the other knee forward.
[12:30:19] Fawn Starflare: Unconsciously I chose this because it's humiliating to make someone move like this.
[12:30:47] Fawn Starflare: Now there are a number of things like cruelty and humiliation that have become part of my aesthetic.
[12:31:06] Fawn's Sex Doll *pUrrrpUrrr~~*
[12:31:11] Fawn Starflare: I just adjust things until the look and feel right to me.
[12:31:23] Fawn Starflare: And all these other factors are taken in.
[12:31:56] Fawn Starflare: I have robbed her of her identity, and about all you see of a face is a nose and depressions where her eyes would be.
[12:32:26] Mermaid Stormcrow: what is this pose called, Fawn?
[12:32:30] Fawn Starflare: I have robbed her of sight. When I move she has no clue until the leash ruthlessly drags her.
[12:32:48] Fawn Starflare: On the MD leg cuffs it's "kneel loose"
[12:32:58] Mermaid Stormcrow: thank you
[12:33:14] Fawn Starflare: The walk as a unique item. I've never seen it elsewhere.
[12:33:46] Fawn Starflare: Oh, this formation of the hood only her mouth is exposed.
[12:34:22] Fawn Starflare: As she is obviously a slave of some sort, the exposed mouth suggests the mouth may be used.
[12:34:31] Fawn Starflare: And the usage of the mouth is obvious.
[12:34:58] Fawn Starflare: From my perspective, the ball is there not so much to gag her as to keep her mouth full.
[12:35:18] Fawn Starflare: It promotes an oral fixation so the mouth hungers to be filled.
[12:36:23] Fawn Starflare: I changed the catsuit to transparent today so we can see her breasts and lovely skin.
[12:36:50] Fawn Starflare: I could continue, but I just want to illustrate everything that implicit in those outfit.
[12:37:07] Mermaid Stormcrow nods as I listen
[12:37:29] Fawn Starflare: Most of use never even give these conscious though. I don't know if it's just me, but I think most Domme are the same.
[12:37:59] Fawn Starflare: As we evolve, our kinks become part of what looks right, most pleasing for us.
[12:38:00] Akala Tanara (slyan.alena): Probably just becomes natural, so it's no longer thought about.
[12:38:38] Fawn Starflare: Now lets turn this around as there are many subs here.
[12:39:00] Fawn Starflare: Subs have to dress themselves often enough especially if they are not owned.
[12:39:02] Fawn's Sex Doll nuzzles to Goddess' leg
[12:39:14] Fawn Starflare: And subs go through a very similar process.
[12:39:53] Fawn Starflare: Anyway, lets hear about the interesting things in the way you dress your self or your girls. Or how does the way your mistress make you feel?
[12:40:07] Kitten Love-Lykin (kittyluvspain) raises my hand
[12:40:25] Fawn Starflare: Go on, kitten.
[12:40:57] Kitten Love-Lykin (kittyluvspain): i use to be a switch, not anymore because i discovered i had really no interesting in being a Domme, but when i had my girls i had a specific uniform for them
[12:41:30] Kitten Love-Lykin (kittyluvspain): when on an adult Sim i required them to be naked, except for black heels, black thigh high nylons and long black gloves
[12:41:35] Fawn Starflare listens attentively.
[12:41:35] Kitten Love-Lykin (kittyluvspain): Mouse can show you
[12:42:10] Kitten Love-Lykin (kittyluvspain): i always liked the look, even for myself i have a similar "uniform" for my Mistress when we go to BDSM places
[12:42:18] Fawn Starflare: Mouse, would you describe the uniform for the transcript and tell us how it makes you feel!?
[12:42:42] Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): yes Miss Fawn i can do better i can show it if i may?
[12:43:01] Kitten Love-Lykin (kittyluvspain) smiles
[12:43:06] Fawn Starflare: Yes, but keep in mind that those not here, well I could take a snap for the blog
[12:44:16] Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): the uniform is very simple Miss Fawn. Naked torso, legs and forearms clothed in thigh high black stockings and black gloves respectively, high heel shoes at the feet Miss
[12:44:36] Fawn Starflare: Cuffs?
[12:44:43] Kitten Love-Lykin (kittyluvspain) lifts my sister to her feet
[12:45:02] Kitten Love-Lykin (kittyluvspain): i would allow cuffs, if they complimented the outfit, gold and silver looked good with the black
[12:45:09] Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): yes if so wished Miss Fawn
[12:45:20] Fawn Starflare: If you ladies would like to change we could take a picture for the blog.
[12:46:00] Kitten Love-Lykin (kittyluvspain): for mine i added a leather corset
[12:46:09] Fawn Starflare: And tell us, as the sub, what is your reaction to the uniform. Does is make your submission deeper? You are certainly long past embarrassment by now.
[12:46:32] Fawn Starflare: Would you two stand side by side facing me
[12:46:49] Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): yes Miss
[12:46:51] Fawn Starflare: Kitten is behind mouse, so I can get both
[12:46:52] borntoserve (adavenomiss): ooh, beautiful!
[12:46:58] Kitten Love-Lykin (kittyluvspain): for me, as the owner, i thought it drew the eyes to the torso, to the beauty of the female form, i saw it as artistic way to present my girls
[12:47:24] Kitten Love-Lykin (kittyluvspain): as the sub me and my Mistress love this outfit, it is being naked and clothed at the same time
[12:47:44] Fawn Starflare nods, "Excellent. Indeed it does. So it's not about humiliation, but showing off perfection."
[12:47:53] Kitten Love-Lykin (kittyluvspain): that was always the way i saw it
[12:48:02] Kitten Love-Lykin (kittyluvspain): ok, that was all
[12:48:29] Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): is it appropriate to stand here for the snapshot Miss Fawn?
[12:48:36] Fawn Starflare: I bring it up because two dommes may dress a sub the same way, but have very different motivations.
[12:48:55] Kitten Love-Lykin (kittyluvspain): i loved to show off the beauty of my girls
[12:49:11] Kitten Love-Lykin (kittyluvspain): Mouse was one of them, and i showed her off all the time
[12:49:23] Fawn Starflare: Mouse you may join your sister, I took a snap.
[12:49:32] Fawn Starflare: I assume we have permission to post it?
[12:49:37] Kitten Love-Lykin (kittyluvspain): yes of course
[12:49:40] Brianne Erin: very pretty
[12:50:02] Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): as a sub i love to be shown off, i am an exhibitionist and it makes my submission feel more intensely as it taps into my need to be seen Miss Fawn
[12:50:08] Fawn Starflare: And the Harsh body harness is a nice addition.
[12:50:15] Mermaid Stormcrow: very beautiful, mouse.
[12:50:16] Fawn's Sex Doll nods
[12:50:17] Fawn Starflare: Harness do a lot to direct the eye.
[12:50:25] Lauren (blondegirl19): i find the term uniform interesting, taking away individuality regardless of how lovely
[12:50:27] Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): that was my sister's idea as well Miss
[12:50:44] Fawn Starflare: And it's interesting to see mouse in not shaved and how wonderfully it's framed.
[12:50:45] Mermaid Stormcrow: very nice, kitten
[12:50:54] Kitten Love-Lykin (kittyluvspain) smiles, thank You
[12:50:55] Zen Yatta (hulahalla): yes both very beautiful
[12:51:02] Fawn Starflare: Good point, Lauren!
[12:51:08] Zen Yatta (hulahalla): thanks for sharing
[12:51:09] Fawn Starflare: Anyone else?
[12:52:17] Fawn Starflare looks around the room
[12:53:23] Akala Tanara (slyan.alena): I guess I can say something but it'd only be real simple. I just dress in ways that feels comfortable, but looks cute. Though if I know certain friends will be around, I might dress a bit more um... exposed. But I don't think I ever put much thought into it beyond "Ooh this strikes my eye!"
[12:53:37] Fawn Starflare: I see Miss Mermaid in a black "Mistress" dress, split down the front to reveal cleavage and belly
[12:53:54] Mermaid Stormcrow nods to Akala and Fawn
[12:54:03] Fawn Starflare: So you don't dress for your fetish?
[12:54:11] Mermaid Stormcrow: I can understand dressing for comfort Akala.
[12:54:53] Fawn Starflare: I see Miss Lauren in a baby doll. I am wearing a cocktail dress with a full, flowing, floor length skirt.
[12:54:55] Mermaid Stormcrow: I'm very new to dressing as a 'domme' or a sub.
[12:55:08] Fawn Starflare: It's something we explore.
[12:55:17] Mermaid Stormcrow: and I'm enjoying how I feel it in
[12:55:20] Mermaid Stormcrow: sexy
[12:55:39] Brianne Erin: oh definitely sexy Mermaid
[12:55:41] Mermaid Stormcrow: sometimes I think, whoa I'm hot. Laughter.
[12:55:48] Akala Tanara (slyan.alena): I don't really know that I have a fetish that would involve clothing so much, though I've worn some maid stuff, I asked Mouse once what she'd like to see me in and that was my full maid outfit at the time.
[12:55:49] Lauren (blondegirl19): lol
[12:56:08] Fawn Starflare: Yes, love, That long cleavage is very lovely and teasing. Taunting the sub with what they may never get to taste.
[12:56:19] Mermaid Stormcrow nods.
[12:56:28] Fawn Starflare nods
[12:56:56] Fawn Starflare: Would that embarrass or humiliate you? Put you in a different mind set, akala?
[12:57:42] Akala Tanara (slyan.alena): Yeah, it would depend on the outfit sometimes. But I like to make my friends smile or blush or enjoy looking at me if they wanted to.
[12:57:57] Fawn Starflare: There are so many different looks here today
[12:58:05] Mermaid Stormcrow nods
[12:58:07] Akala Tanara (slyan.alena): Though I've never gotten fully into a maid mindset.
[12:58:28] Mermaid Stormcrow smiles at Akala, all the things I'm learning about you. Winks
[12:58:52] Akala Tanara (slyan.alena) blushes.
[12:59:21] Lauren (blondegirl19): i often dress to the weather and today its sunny and bright
[13:00:14] Lauren (blondegirl19): or, to a situation
[13:00:32] Mermaid Stormcrow: oh, how cool Lauren....I'll try and keep a tab on what you're wearing for the weather report. Grins
[13:00:45] Lauren (blondegirl19): lol
[13:01:17] Lauren (blondegirl19): i guess i dress to my mood
[13:01:28] Akala Tanara (slyan.alena): Me as well, really hehe.
[13:01:53] Fawn Starflare: Sky, your outfit, with the sort of ripped look covers fishnet, does it carry any significance for you.
[13:01:59] Fawn Starflare: Oo we all dress to mood.
[13:02:25] Fawn Starflare: I made it a point to change before coming, I wanted to present a particular look.
[13:03:25] Fawn Starflare: On mistress dress and moods...
[13:04:10] Fawn Starflare: One thing I love as a Domme is that I get to wear anything, even it make me look like a slut or a whore or a sub.
[13:04:24] Lauren (blondegirl19): nods
[13:04:34] Fawn Starflare: I know Dommes who mostly only wear lingerie and a corset.
[13:04:38] Akala Tanara (slyan.alena): I changed before coming too, but sometimes thats just to be safe and to have a different look on every day, most of the time. When on text only, never know what pieces of clothing were lost to a friend playing around or a glitch.
[13:04:56] Mermaid Stormcrow: oh, excuse me, I need to dash....dang. So enjoyed the discussion today Fawn, makes me think differently about what and why I wear what I do. Big hugs to everyone.....mwwwah...waves and poofs
[13:05:10] Fawn Starflare: Now I can go from a formal gown, to to more casual dresses, all leather or all rubber.
[13:05:47] Fawn Starflare: The more severe the look, the more a sub knows I could be in the mood to make them suffer and that my pleasure from their suffering
[13:06:47] Fawn Starflare: Born, if you're still with us. You are in an outfit your Mistress chose for you. How does that make you feel?
[13:08:19] Ishumi Urmira (zankisha.akina): mn haven't seen her mouse move in quite a while.. not sure if she's still with us
[13:08:27] Fawn Starflare: You know bondage is also part of how we present our girls and most subs get a feeling of pride from being display.
[13:08:28] borntoserve (adavenomiss): I like it, Miss
[13:08:34] Ishumi Urmira (zankisha.akina): oh there she is
[13:08:35] Fawn Starflare nods, "agreed."
[13:08:35] Ishumi Urmira (zankisha.akina) chuckles
[13:08:49] borntoserve (adavenomiss): It wasn't entirely her choice, we picked it together, but it still connects me to her
[13:09:12] Fawn Starflare: Indeed and she bought for you as a gift. That says something, too.
[13:09:23] borntoserve (adavenomiss): Yes Miss, I do feel grateful for it as well
[13:10:26] borntoserve (adavenomiss): though just going shopping together was a nice bonding experience
[13:10:34] Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): it does bring up the issue of what it means for subs when our owner gets us something as a gift Miss Fawn
[13:10:35] Fawn Starflare: Lots of times the way a domme dresses a girl is, consciously or not, an expression of her mood, how she feels about her sub, and the purpose of the girl.
[13:11:00] Fawn Starflare: As I said, last week this woman came in, and you just knew the look reflected the domme's love.
[13:11:19] Fawn Starflare: You are all used to seeing toy almost always bound in some way.
[13:11:40] Fawn Starflare: I was talking to Elisandra, and she said she could not stand such a regime.
[13:11:57] Fawn Starflare: However, the bondage is a gift to toy, a sign of love.
[13:12:27] Fawn Starflare: The bondage and the leash make her feel loved, protected, and a sense of being needed.
[13:13:20] Fawn Starflare: I always hated at certain of our public playgrounds and newbies and vanillas would assume it was punishment.
[13:14:04] Fawn Starflare: They ask,"What did she do to deserve being treated like this?"
[13:14:51] Fawn Starflare: And of course what I was doing had nothing to do with punishment. It was just my whim.
[13:14:55] Fawn Starflare: Hahahahahaha
[13:13:35] Lauren (blondegirl19): the leash can also be a sign of bragging
[13:14:36] Lauren (blondegirl19): i am often asked to put a leash on my sub in public, so she can show me off, not the other way around
[13:15:11] Fawn Starflare: Yes, it works in both directions as Kitten said earlier!
[13:15:28] Lauren (blondegirl19): its kind of nice
[13:15:40] Akala Tanara (slyan.alena) nods, "Look at my awesome lovely Mistress." She pretends.
[13:15:49] Fawn Starflare: And yes, when I was a slave, I made an effort to make her look perfect.
[13:21:49] Fawn Starflare: Well, I think we have largely exhausted our topic for today. So let's end this now and just chat about now. And I will save the transcript.
[13:22:18] Brianne Erin: Imagination is the greatest special effects creator possible
[13:23:06] Akala Tanara (slyan.alena): At least I think she's back.
[13:23:09] Akala Tanara (slyan.alena) pokes Skye lightly.
[13:23:40] Fawn Starflare: Yes, I had asked Sky about her look. The top looks ripped, though it's not, and is covered with black fishnet.
[13:24:10] Fawn Starflare: It's a striking look and I wondered if it had special significance for her.
[13:24:36] Skye Levane: oh this is just an outfit I picked up :) I love wearing fishnets and heels
[13:25:07] Fawn Starflare: Goddess' truth, I never really paid attention to costumes and its significance until coming to SL.
[13:25:31] Fawn Starflare: It is a lovely look, and a little bit on the trashy side.
[13:25:41] Skye Levane: it's something I wore to host at a club one time
[13:25:45] Kitten Love-Lykin (kittyluvspain): i am a clothes junkie, before coming to SL i was a fashion model in RLC only because they gave me free clothes
[13:25:53] Akala Tanara (slyan.alena): Hehe, I have for as long as I can remember being able to "dress up" online anyway. Like um, when I played World of Warcraft, even then I'd take extra care for really cool outfits and such.
[13:25:53] Fawn Starflare: Thank you all, each and every one of you.
[13:26:04] Brianne Erin: thank you all
[13:26:08] Brianne Erin: byee
[13:26:08] Fawn Starflare: You all make the preparation for these chat worth while.

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