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Discussion 23/3/2014 Miss Fawn

[12:17]  Mermaid Stormcrow: thank you Fawn for being here today
[12:17]  Myya (myya.eldrich) moves behind the chair and gently starts to massage Miss Fawn's shoulders
[12:17]  Fawn Starflare: It's a pleasure.
[12:17]  ღ Ţєşşa ღ (tessaromanov): well Miss Fawn gets set up, in the way of announcements: 1) we have rental spots both ground and skybox
[12:17]  Fawn Starflare: I'd like for my series of demos/discussions to be more like intimate conversations.
[12:17]  ღ Ţєşşa ღ (tessaromanov): 2) Miss Mer is doing a History book project, so click on the cage for notecard to contribute :)
[12:18]  Fawn Starflare: I will usually come with some idea to start things off, but after that almost anything goes so long as there is no chaos.
[12:19]  Fawn Starflare: So feel free to ask questions.
[12:19]  ღ Ţєşşa ღ (tessaromanov): welcome to the demo sasha and zaira
[12:19]  ღ Ţєşşa ღ (tessaromanov): have a seat :)
[12:19]  Sasha Kristan: thank you
[12:19]  Wanda Goodnight (gagged): Even if we're gagged?
[12:19]  Fawn Starflare: My intent is help you all find greater self confidence as you roleplay, help you expand the possibilities, and demonstrate stuff we talk about.
[12:20]  Fawn Starflare: Well ((ooc)) and emotes would be valid, wanda
[12:21]  A-Toy-Dragon squirms uncomfortably
[12:21]  Fawn Starflare: What I want to tell you is that I have been out of the closet and participating publicly in RL and on networks since late 1991.
[12:22]  Fawn Starflare: Despite my experience, I constantly feel like, "compare to [that domme] I'm a wimp" or "I just don't know what to do or say."
[12:22]  Fawn Starflare: So the thing is, we are all of learning, hopefully all the time.
[12:23]  Fawn Starflare: Just yesterday evening Mermaid made use of myya and the first thing she did is check the bindings I had put on her and tightened them as needed.
[12:23]  Fawn Starflare: You know I forget that aspect.
[12:23]  Fawn Starflare: Yet it's there for us all the time
[12:25]  Fawn Starflare strokes myya's hair as she finally settles down.
[12:26]  Fawn Starflare: So ... oh, for those that didn't know.... the pose I have toy (dragon) in is one I made for her over a year ago.
[12:26]  A-Toy-Dragon tries to smile while her mouth is stuffed
[12:26]  Fawn Starflare: The photo I displayed is of her in front of the picture from RL of model in the same pose.
[12:27]  Fawn Starflare: I threw together the display stand this morning.
[12:27]  Fawn Starflare: I have a thing for ball gags mounted on posts and wals, etc.
[12:27]  ღ Ţєşşa ღ (tessaromanov): lovely Miss
[12:27]  Fawn Starflare: Such a nice way to silence and immobilize one's pet.
[12:28]  Myya (myya.eldrich) nods
12:28]  Myya (myya.eldrich): very hot Miss!
[12:28]  Fawn Starflare: I know we mentioned pony play, and we may well get there today. However, I want to start with something that happened about 25 hours ago that finally gave me the idea for these talks.
[12:29]  Fawn Starflare: I had ben playing with toy for a few hours, and nilla (she was here for a bit just now).
[12:30]  Fawn Starflare: So I made a transcript and we'll look at it and comment on it. It's instructive because it demonstrates a number of issues that come up.
[12:31]  Fawn Starflare: For me an important thing, "What do I do when I have a bunch of girls on all at once. How do I keep them involved and feeling like I am attentive to each of them.
[12:31]  Fawn Starflare: It can be pretty overwhelming for a domme, experience or not
[12:31]  Fawn Starflare: And I have been a switch most of my life, and I know what it is to feel jealous of a sister or think everyone is getting attention but me.
[12:32]  Fawn Starflare: So...
[12:32]  Fawn Starflare: toy-nilla is online.

cage A whispers: Dragony Darkfury leaves the cage

dragon collar: Dragony would like give you a footkiss. Click [Yes] to accept.

toy-dragon: hewwo, Miwwa

cage B whispers: toy-nilla is in the cage now

dragon collar: If you would like to stop the animation early, say /99stop to stop.

toy-dragon pads closer on all fours and noms Fawn's foot.

cage B whispers: toy-nilla is now in Mouselook

Miss Fawn: welcome to the dark, slut nilla

toy-nilla moans quietly

[12:33]  Fawn Starflare: this is how it played out minus the login, logout and announcement messages
[12:33]  Fawn Starflare: I was playing with toy.
[12:33]  Fawn Starflare: I had released her from a tiny pitch black cage.
[12:33]  Fawn Starflare: I noticed nilla come on, and was able to say hello immediately.
[12:34]  Fawn Starflare: Point one, typing takes time and if your are trying to compose an emote it means you miss people logging on or cannot say hello immediately.
[12:34]  Fawn Starflare: Its real obvious, but this is a point in time when an insecure sub might feel she's ignored.
[12:35]  Fawn Starflare: so to continue with the BDSM RP
[12:36]  Fawn Starflare: dragon was just getting out of her dark cage and nilla was being automatically being put back in hers.
[12:36]  Fawn Starflare: cage B whispers: toy-nilla is now in Mouselook

Miss Fawn: welcome to the dark, slut nilla

toy-nilla moans quietly

toy-dragon: i bewomg do xou, ry Goddeff, amd exift vo owey youw evewy vhim! ♥
toy-dragon chuckles

Miss Fawn: i think she should enjoy the dark for a while.

toy-nilla: Hello Goddes, your living sex toy is here for you to use, abuse and humiliate as you like.

[12:37]  Fawn Starflare: I am lucky, as you can see my girls tease each other.
[12:37]  Fawn Starflare: they are well matched as sisters.
[12:37]  Fawn Starflare: Unconsciously I started playing with nilla.
12:38]  Fawn Starflare: It was a semi conscious choice to continue playing with toy to frustrate and tease nilla, leaving her with a black screen.
[12:39]  Fawn Starflare: So to finish this bit of demonstration... Here's the rest of what happened.
[12:39]  Fawn Starflare: toy-dragon: Miwwa if fuwe dewighted gy thif pewfpektive, i xet =^,,^=

Miss Fawn: i am playing with one toy and leaving the other toy in its dark, stuffy, hot, overly moist box.

toy-nilla: mmmmmmm

toy-dragon nuzzles, purring lightly to show gratitude for being chosen as plaything

Miss Fawn: the box feels like that because there is very little airflow and every breath is full of heat, moisture, and a tiny bit more CO2 than the last.

toy-nilla squirms happily inside the cramped space

Miss Fawn: I am sure the toy, n, enjoys its box.

toy-dragon nodnods

toy-nilla feels herself moist from being locked into the confined space with it's stale air smelling of herself

toy-dragon smiles
[12:40]  Fawn Starflare: ...
[12:41]  Fawn Starflare: A few things I did. Though it might sound like a bit of god modding (that is, controlling someone else RP) I actively described the interior of the boxy.
[12:41]  pattie4aF: hi Ann Li
[12:41]  Fawn Starflare: Nilla immediately indicates the physical situation is arousing, buy shifting around in her cage and wriggling to feel it's confines.
[12:42]  Fawn Starflare: At the same, time toy acknowledges I am touching her.
[12:42]  Fawn Starflare: So I am keeping two girls happy, though only one is being touched and the other is confined with a black screen.
[12:42]  Fawn Starflare: It's spur of the moment stuff, not planned out.
[12:43]  Fawn Starflare: Oh my, what was that?
[12:43]  Wanda Goodnight shivers an involuntary reaction at the word 'Spur'
[12:44]  Fawn Starflare: The girls also illustrate something else I feel strongly about in RP and urge them to do. They use emotes to signal (not tell) how they feel.
[12:44]  Fawn Starflare: Well they do tell, but if you look, their physical descriptions would have been enough.
[12:44]  Fawn Starflare: In RL and SL a lover or Mistress needs feedback.
[12:45]  Fawn Starflare: Ever go down on your gf or by and you are doing everything you know to arouse that person and they just lay there.
[12:47]  Fawn Starflare: Ah, I managed to pull her out of her kitty basket!
[12:47]  Fawn Starflare: And toy, you are dismissed to go to be, love
[12:48]  A-Toy-Dragon: yef, Goddeff, thamk lou
[12:48]  A-Toy-Dragon: pweafe pave a lood vay, Goddeff
[12:48]  A-Toy-Dragon: cave fum, evewyome!
[12:48]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): please take care toy dragon :)
[12:48]  A-Toy-Dragon smiles , waves her mitten and poofs off
[12:48]  Fawn Starflare: BDSM RP tends to employ ritual.
[12:49]  Wanda Goodnight nods in agreement, listening attentively.
[12:49]  Fawn Starflare: My formally dismissing toy, provides a clear, delineation between her service to me and her being able to return to other things in SL or RL.
[12:50]  Fawn Starflare: I employ another ritual when they come,
[12:50]  Fawn Starflare: they declare their service to me and kiss my foot (if able).
[12:50]  Fawn Starflare: These are little thing, but the help both the dom and the sub.
[12:51]  ღ Ţєşşa ღ (tessaromanov): this is great stuff Miss!
[12:51]  Kayla (gemini48.royce) rolls her tongue across the gag filling her mouth
[12:52]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): !
[12:52]  Fawn Starflare: Toy always knows the right moment to nuzzle me whether to comfort me or just to acknowledge our unvoiced connection.
[12:52]  Fawn Starflare: I would guess we should end and open for questions or impromptu demo RPs.
[12:53]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl) scrolls back to remember the points she wanted to comment on
[12:53]  Fawn Starflare: I am afraid my remarks may be rather rather scattered. It's a reflection of the way good BDSM plays out.
[12:53]  Fawn Starflare: The best RPs happen when domme and sub are in the moment and playing off each other.
[12:54]  Fawn Starflare: Just the way we sit around here and play off each other's contribution to the conversation.
[12:54]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): if i may Miss Fawn
[12:54]  Fawn Starflare: Yes, Mouse!
[12:55]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): um going back to Your comment @ 12:22 timestamp Miss.
[12:56]  Fawn Starflare: [12:22] Fawn Starflare: Despite my experience, I constantly feel like, "compare to [that domme] I'm a wimp" or "I just don't know what to do or say."
[12:56]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): i do not think that other people's definition of "harsh" or "soft" should be an indicator of Your being a, um, a "wimp" or no Miss.
[12:57]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): yes Miss that was the comment i wanted to comment about. if i may, the relationship You have with Your toys nilla and dragon is defined by You, nilla and dragon Miss. No-one's definition or comparison should be the gauge for it, in my humble opinion Miss
[12:57]  Fawn Starflare: Mouse, I think the thing is for all of us that we compare ourselves to others.
[12:58]  Fawn Starflare: We look over at someone else's scene and thing "OMG I could never do that."
[12:58]  Fawn Starflare: Domme and sub might both have that thought.
[12:58]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): i can vouch for that Miss
[12:59]  Fawn Starflare: The thing is, a lot of extreme stuff emerges into your play by accident.
[12:59]  ღ Ţєşşa ღ (tessaromanov): by pushing the boundaries, Miss?
[12:59]  Mermaid Stormcrow: I agree with you Fawn. It's true I'm getting comfortable in my own skin with who I am. However, I see other Dommes and I judge myself, often harshly.
[12:59]  Fawn Starflare: You know my play changed radically when I found toy and discovered she was being 100% truthful that I could do anything to her.
[12:59]  Shakhta: i am with Mouse at that. You can get input from other's RP but that doesn't necessarily means you need to compare them.
[13:00]  Fawn Starflare: You know, we talk about the sub's trust in her domme, but the Domme must be able to trust her sub, trust that her reactions are genuine. If not some real damage can happen, like when someone tries to be tougher than they are.
[13:01]  Fawn Starflare: When I learned I could trust toy, I started doing things I never would have dreamed of doing before.
[13:01]  Wanda Goodnight nods firmly in agreement
[13:01]  Fawn Starflare: And having found that confidence, was then able to play that way with others.
[13:01]  Fawn Starflare: It's an evolution.
[13:02]  chrisa (chrisa.zifer) <-- never thought of it that way
[13:02]  Fawn Starflare: Smiles at Chrisa. "I hadn't either until the last year."
[13:02]  Kayla (gemini48.royce) kneels in front of Mistress, casts eyes down
[13:03]  Fawn Starflare strokes kayla's hair and rests a finger on her lips for a moment.
[13:03]  chrisa (chrisa.zifer) whispers...ty Miss for sharing that
[13:03]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): it happened in a similar way with me and Mistress, i think. The relationship evolved, i have strived to be honest and transparent in my reactions to Mistress's play, i think Mistress has shown abundantly that i can trust Her, and i in turn have showed that She can trust me.
[13:03]  Fawn Starflare: you're welcome. this is the sort of thing I wanted to have happen.
[13:06]  Fawn Starflare: Anyway, before I get into some impromptu RP, let me remind you all that you have at least 5 physical sense, taste, touch, smell, sight, hearing.
[13:06]  Fawn Starflare: If you are having sex or in some BDSM scene, if you are aroused, your partner can smell this.
[13:06]  Fawn Starflare: She can also see and taste it.
[13:07]  Fawn Starflare: She might notice a squirm that means you're about to cum, or your scent might drop, and she knows the last stroke of the whip might have been too hard.
[13:07]  Fawn Starflare: I hope to do impromptu RP with audience members as well as my own girls.
[13:08]  Fawn Starflare: We can examine all the opportunities for very immersive RP.
[13:08]  Fawn Starflare: I hope you will all come on the journey with me. I expect to learn a lot from all of you.
[13:09]  Mouse Love Lykin (minnigirl): i will strive to serve You as best i can Miss Fawn
[13:09]  Fawn Starflare smiles at mouse.
[13:09]  Fawn Starflare: I just received the following from an audience member
 "i know you're busy now Miss Fawn...but a question for later maybe.... i struggle with speaking up when i don't like something because i really deeply desire to be i'll do it because i know my dom/me wants it... its a hard balance...then if i say i don't like it he or she might not do it...thereby lessening their pleasure... i had a mistress once who found another girl to do things to... i was devastated... its her right to have 2 but i felt like the reason was because i couldn't please her"
[13:10]  Fawn Starflare: I've been on both sides of this.
[13:10]  Fawn Starflare: As a Domme I will tell you that the most important thing a sub has to give me are her honest reactions to things.
[13:11]  Fawn Starflare: without that I cannot create the feelings and experience I want to create.
[13:11]  Kayla (gemini48.royce) nods
[13:11]  Fawn Starflare: You are my paints and canvas. If I've dipped my brush in the wrong color I want to know, even if it spoils my painting.
[13:12]  ღ Ţєşşa ღ (tessaromanov): lovely metaphor
[13:12]  Kayla (gemini48.royce) tries to suck in her drool...swallow it
[13:12]  chrisa (chrisa.zifer) nods
[13:12]  Fawn Starflare: It's only through this conversation that I can figure out how to make you feel what I want you to, how I please you while maintaining control.
[13:12]  chrisa (chrisa.zifer): thank you Miss Fawn
[13:14]  Fawn Starflare: Another anonymous comment that reflects how I feel. "There are two sources of enjoyment when doing an activity with someone: The activity directly, and the reflected enjoyment of the someone. That's true for both Dommes and subs. I don't normally enjoy anal play but I do enjoy it if I'm doing it with someone who I knows really enjoys it."
[13:56]  ღ Ţєşşa ღ (tessaromanov): i think seeing domming options really helps both with knowing how to choose good dommes and to be a good domme, Miss

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