Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Exhibition competition decision

The exhibition seems to have given many people a lot of pleasure both exhibitors and viewers.  With one exception the votes cast for the pictures were widespread with none getting more than one vote and most getting a vote!  The picture of Jilly and om was the exception and got three votes (see above).  I am certainly glad at giving that picture a place at the Cellar, especially since Jilly has helped me a lot managing the club.  However I like the other pictures so much that I will use all of them, rotating between them.  I like the idea of the club's walls being full of pictures of the members - it is both touching and appropriate since I see the club as ultimately belonging to the members (that is who I run it for).

So many thanks to all those who exhibited as well as those who sent me kinds comments about it.


PS.  If you dont want me to use the picture as a permenant picture on the club walls, just tell me!

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