Friday, August 29, 2008

New Chastity & Control Belt

The club's carin Bebb, is involved in developing and promoting a new RR compatible belt with a lot of features (see below). Its on (from now) for 2 weeks at a special introductory price.
Here is their official information.

The T&T-obedience-belt

By the T's

You like to obey, to hand over contol? You aim for control? You aim to care for your sub?
The T&T-obedience-belt is the ideal restrain to deal with both desires. It combines a highly
detailed and elaborate desgin with a wide range of functionalities to expose yourself or to obtain
full control. And of course it provides full compatibility with the Real Restrained viewer and a
user friendly menu which you may open from the chat channel.

The belt main features include:

- owner adminstration and locking system (primary owner is set in a notecard,
secondary owners are enabled by taking a key from the belt, others might play
with the sub if the belt is set to public use)

- control your Sub's in-world actions by preventing her from TPing,
editing objects, seeing the map or touching objects farther away (have you
once tried to open a door with cuffed hands? It might just work, just!!)

- force your sub to nearly any device close by. No "please, get on
the device or postball or" any longer.... simply select the target object and the sub will
automatically be forced to/on it and will not be able to stand up without
your permission. Needless to say: even after relogin the sub will be kept in place you selected for her

- ban the sub from accessing her inventory. Fairly common. Well, the belt additionally
allows you to attach or remove any dress or any attachment to or from your sub.
Simply store your favourite toy or dress in a selected folder in your subs inventory and
control these items via the belt's equipment menu

- up to six leash points to securly chain your sub to nearly any object

- remove clothes manually or automatically from your sub, prevent her from either removing
clothes or to change.

- attach a chastity belt or insert a dildo and/or butt plug into your sub and fix
them properly with with bittersweet chains

And this sweet device will be available soon.
Sale will start at the first week of
september 2008.

It will be only available at

As special offer, the price in the frist two weeks in september will be:

500,- L$

After this promotion, the regular price will be 800,- L$

If you need further Information, ask "carin Bebb".

The T&T Tools Team Aug, 2008

PS. If other club members are involved in other enterprises, I may be willing to (tastefully) promote it.

San Mauvaise

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Anonymous said...

It's been a while since anyone has posted, so here's something to blow some dust off for fokes: the current price is L$1000 now, and they've gotten to the v5 range of belts. they're awesome even still. It's been moved to the sim called Free Bird, where upon landing there is a little model of the sim. Hard to miss the teleporter to the castle. Check it out :)