Sunday, August 31, 2008

Exhibition of Photographs by Ratna Markova

There will be an exhibition of Ratna Markova's RL photographs at the club from Monday the 1st of September. The photographs are from Indonesia, the Islands of Java and Bali taken in the years 1986 till 1998. They are show bits of the lives of ordinary people there. The exhibition will run for 2 weeks.

Please tell her what you think of them! (or leave a comment here).

(Sorry no male visitors allowed at the site)

San Mauvaise

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San Mauvaise said...

To me these photos have an element of detached sadness in them, showing stories and glimpses into a world that is being lost now.

Unlike much photography which more deliberately frames, manipulates and uses its subjects, these hold back and respect their subjects. They rather carefully record.

My favourites are the fisher on the pontoon surrounded by a space of water and those showing children.