Saturday, June 7, 2008

The non-nudity rule

Having had a one-off event in the lounge where the rule against nudity in the lounge was relaxed, and having got a variety of opinions I have decided not to change the rule. I do recognise the fact that many Dommes would like to be able to have their subs naked in the lounge (or indeed themselves!), and some subs feel their Mistresses should be able to do this. However, I have also had some subs who very much liked the non-nudity rule, because it changed the atmosphere in the lounge and made them feel more comfortable. I also think that whilst relaxing the rule produced a carnival atmosphere, this would be less exciting regularly.

To cater for those I have furnished an intimate room upstairs and will consider altering the space upstairs (though it does give grandure to the club and Mistresses do like to "lord" it in the throne there).

Sorry to those who are dissapointed in this decision.


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