Saturday, June 14, 2008

Males, tollerance, politeness, etc.

Some issues have arisen between some club members, so I just want to make some things clear.

Firstly, there will be no toleration of racism in the Cellar Club, implicit or explicit, in any form.

Secondly there will be tolerance for *all* women at the club, with respect for all, regardless of their sexuality or role they wish to take.

Thirdly, the club is an all-women place. This is impossible to enforce in SL, but male behaviour and appearance is certainly not going to be tolerated (including use of penises).

Fourthly, basic standards of politeness are essential to many different members sharing the same club. This involves tolerance and understanding of each other. It involves not being overly aggressive or rude.

Club officers are empowered to use their powers to enforce these things. They are asked not ban or eject on anyone's direction or instruction, but first try persuasion and negotiation. If they need to use their powers they will do so only as a result of their own judgment. If anyone has an issue with any decision, first try to talk in reasonable terms to the officer concerned then, if not satisfied, with me. If I find anyone has been abusing or being overly aggressive with any of my officers I will be unsympathetic. They are human, and faced with aggression may make hasty decisions sometimes (I certainly have), but I trust and support them - they are very important to me and the club - I need their help.

I am not going to try and discover who is a male in RL (this is against the SL TOS for a start), and will not ban those who are on hearsay evidence. I am sure there are some at the club who are male in RL and I am equally sure there are many who are women. This is a difficult issue for me, because I want to protect those at the club who have suffered from abuse from men, but I also have a transsexual friend in RL and know that people can be born with female brains and male bodies. Just as many people come out as lesbian, Dominant or submissive in SL first, the same is true for transsexuals. However it is obvious that most rl-m/sl-f avs are not genuine transsexuals.

What I would ideally like to do is to be keep out rl-men as much as possible but allow genuine m->f transsexuals. This is currently impossible in SL. That is why I will concentrate on trying to exclude male behaviour. RL m->f transsexuals will be allowed if (1) they declare themselves to me and talk to me *before* entering into club life; (2) they live totally as a woman in all respects; (3) they explain their true status before becoming intimate with others.

I know this will not be sufficient for some, and I am sorry about this. I am, as always, willing to listen and talk to all club members on these issues.


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