Thursday, July 31, 2014

dressing a sub's head...

[12:15:51] Fawn Starflare: I've been thinking a lot about gags and sensory deprivation, removal of identity and a bunch or related issues that come along with dressing a sub's head.
[12:16:17] Fawn Starflare: Blind folds, hoods, harnesses, gags, blinkers, and the like.
[12:17:41] Fawn Starflare: For me this all starts with an oral fixation. As a sub it was my desire to always have something in my mouth. A gag of any king, part of my Mistress, part of someone designated by my Mistress.
[12:18:00] Fawn Starflare: It didn't matter to me so long as Mistress kept my mouth filled.
[12:18:41] Fawn Starflare: When I bind my darling toy, she thanks me for the blessing.
[12:19:17] Fawn Starflare: Toy, how is you say that when I gag you?
[12:19:41] A-Toy-Dragon (dragony.darkfury): i say - thank you, Goddess!
[12:19:54] Adonna Star (adonnaberti): :)
[12:20:07] Fawn Starflare waits for the voice to emanate, seemingly, from my pussy.
[12:20:10] A-Toy-Dragon (dragony.darkfury): because gag is a blessing of silence from my beloved Goddess =^.^=
[12:20:54] Fawn Starflare: No, toy, I was trying to remember, Did you say, "Thank you for this blessing"?or were you more explicit about the blessing.
[12:21:07] Fawn Starflare: There we go.
[12:21:09] A-Toy-Dragon (dragony.darkfury): usually it's simply thank you
[12:21:16] A-Toy-Dragon (dragony.darkfury): ^_^
[12:21:22] Loarne Aridian:'s been a while since i was here
[12:21:39] Fawn Starflare: Welcome back, Loarne
[12:21:52] Adonna Star (adonnaberti): welcome Miss
[12:22:44] Loarne Aridian: thank you
[12:23:46] Uniceundomiel: I am actually the alt of a member, but may I have a tag please?
[12:24:12] Fawn Starflare: Toy is grateful for any restrain, and the application of any binding, but particularly a blindfold or hood with no eye holes, turn her on almost to the point of climax.
[12:25:53] Seleanax: friend told me you have dirty floor script , came to check it out but seems like she misunderstood me
[12:26:03] Fawn Starflare: So the thing is why do we use gags, blind folds, ear muffs, and the link.
[12:27:09] Loarne Aridian: well, deaf muteness can be gotten with an implant but the visual effect is important in SL i think
[12:27:24] Fawn Starflare: It is to simple to say for sensory deprivation. I am quite sure these things fill different needs for me and for toy. Regardless it is our mutual enjoyment that makes things work.
[12:27:53] A-Toy-Dragon (dragony.darkfury) smiles
[12:27:58] Ellen Cordeaux: I enjoy the control they provide, especially the scripted ones that work with RLV and actually blacken the screen.
[12:28:06] Fawn Starflare: That is a common belief, but I would argue that this is not true.
[12:28:34] Loarne Aridian: mmhhmmmm
[12:29:24] Fawn Starflare: Toy, you spend a lot of time blind in SL. Would you like to say how you feel about this. We know you get a lot from seeing how I have bound you and am using you. But when you're blindfolded, something else is going on.
[12:29:37] A-Toy-Dragon (dragony.darkfury): ummmm
[12:29:55] A-Toy-Dragon (dragony.darkfury): generally, SL black screen is not so good as itself
[12:30:02] A-Toy-Dragon (dragony.darkfury): but it works well in play
[12:30:13] Loarne Aridian: very
[12:30:13] Fawn Starflare nods
[12:30:19] A-Toy-Dragon (dragony.darkfury): it actually deprives person of sight
[12:30:23] Ellen Cordeaux: Yes, play only is my preference.
[12:30:39] Ellen Cordeaux: I wouldn't do that to her just in general.
[12:30:41] A-Toy-Dragon (dragony.darkfury): and only way to know what's going on - is others talk and emotes
[12:30:47] Fawn Starflare: Yes, I make it a point to be very descriptive in my RP when you are blind. I try to give you a bit of what you would have in RL.
[12:30:58] A-Toy-Dragon (dragony.darkfury) nodnods
[12:31:09] A-Toy-Dragon (dragony.darkfury): we in SL have no others senses like in RL
[12:31:21] A-Toy-Dragon (dragony.darkfury): no actual hearing
[12:31:25] A-Toy-Dragon (dragony.darkfury): no smell
[12:31:32] Fawn Starflare: I remember being left for three hours blind and gagged at the entrance to the Restrained Freedom main store.
[12:31:32] A-Toy-Dragon (dragony.darkfury): no touch
[12:31:34] Adonna Star (adonnaberti): unless voicing toy
[12:31:44] A-Toy-Dragon (dragony.darkfury): voicing is not enough
[12:31:46] Adonna Star (adonnaberti): some do
[12:31:55] A-Toy-Dragon (dragony.darkfury): we can actually hear sounds of movements in RL
[12:31:57] Adonna Star (adonnaberti): :)
[12:32:06] Ellen Cordeaux smiles at the pretty ponies
[12:32:07] Adonna Star (adonnaberti): yes true
[12:32:20] A-Toy-Dragon (dragony.darkfury): that's why i say we have no actual hearing in SL
[12:32:21] Adonna Star (adonnaberti): that is the excitement in rl
[12:32:29] A-Toy-Dragon (dragony.darkfury): so emoting those sounds is a good idea
[12:32:33] Adonna Star (adonnaberti): not sure what is coming
[12:32:42] Fawn Starflare: Welcome Aleda. I see we have two ponies with us now. So lovely to see them wearing their tack.
[12:33:02] Aleda (aleda.koba) stomps and gives a polite little nod
[12:33:12] Stomrider: Very pretty
[12:33:27] :: Lacy whinnies happily
[12:33:32] Fawn Starflare: I remember a time when my mistress blindfolded in one of SL's BDSM play sims.
[12:33:36] A-Toy-Dragon (dragony.darkfury): so general advice to have a good blind play - one blinding should emote much more
[12:33:45] A-Toy-Dragon (dragony.darkfury): to provide a feed
[12:34:21] Fawn Starflare: She was a bit upset with me for not participating, but I had no idea what was going on. No visual cues and she did not replace them with emotes.
[12:34:29] A-Toy-Dragon (dragony.darkfury): otherwise excitement from being blinded wilts away too fast and it gets boring
[12:34:37] Fawn Starflare: Yes. Exactky, toy
[12:34:58] Fawn Starflare: I make it a point to describe how skin looks or how someone smells.
[12:35:25] Fawn Starflare: Smell seems a forgotten sense in a lot of sex and BDSM role play.
[12:36:13] A-Toy-Dragon (dragony.darkfury) nodnodnods
[12:36:16] Fawn Starflare: Yes in RL, my nose tells me a lot about where my sub is at the time. I can smell changes in her scent to different activities and a lot more.
[12:36:58] Fawn Starflare: Mostly subs only give us Dommes vocalized cues and of course if they are wiggling.
[12:37:22] Adonna Star (adonnaberti) giggles quietly
[12:37:37] A-Toy-Dragon (dragony.darkfury) wiggles her nose to Goddess' below, grinning impishly
[12:37:41] Fawn Starflare: But they don't tell if the pitch or tempo of the moans is changing, and you know in RL we have all the clues as to what our partner is feeling.
[12:37:49] Thaliatrix: Miss Fawn, may a humble slave girl offer her insight, at least on the nature of gags? If I impose too much, I apologize.
[12:38:56] Fawn Starflare: Please do, thali, but please stop with the "humble save girl." your actions and demeanor have already told us a lot about you.
[12:41:40] Thaliatrix: Right, thanks! Well, one thing that sets humans above other animals is our ability to communicate with grace and proficiency. Speech is one of our greatest tools, and often denotes variance of intellect. The smarter someone is, the more you expect them to start using long words and obscure ones as well. A gag, or anything else that blocks the mouth, limits speech, thus providing a block both to the intellect indicator, and the inherent human ability. Thus, one who is gagged could be considered less than human for lacking these qualities, or at the very least far less intelligent, and both of those things imply submission to one who is better, which I suspect is some part of the draw that gags have to so many submissives.
[12:42:12] A-Toy-Dragon (dragony.darkfury) smiles
[12:42:18] A-Toy-Dragon (dragony.darkfury): true
[12:42:35] A-Toy-Dragon (dragony.darkfury): the tighter the gag - the more sub put down to animal level
[12:43:03] Fawn Starflare: I hear this said all the time. The fact is I have never felt someone was less than human because of a gag.
[12:43:09] A-Toy-Dragon (dragony.darkfury): that's why ponygirl having a bitgag is a must
[12:43:24] A-Toy-Dragon (dragony.darkfury): ummm
[12:43:37] A-Toy-Dragon (dragony.darkfury): it's just deepen feeling of submission, Goddess
[12:44:10] Fawn Starflare: I agree about ponygirls and a bit gag. However, we do not keep a RL horse with a bit in its mouth 100% of the time.
[12:44:22] A-Toy-Dragon (dragony.darkfury): when one can't say things she wants - she feels helpless ♥
[12:44:28] Fawn Starflare: The bit is associated with working and service.
[12:44:45] A-Toy-Dragon (dragony.darkfury): ponygirls are forbidden to talk
[12:44:59] Fawn Starflare: Yes, I agree with you, but it's because of what wee associate with the gag.
[12:45:03] A-Toy-Dragon (dragony.darkfury): and more extreme ones even have hearing reduced
[12:45:18] A-Toy-Dragon (dragony.darkfury): thus narrowing communicating abilities
[12:45:24] Fawn Starflare: Yes, it's a kind of immersion not possible in the real world.
[12:45:25] A-Toy-Dragon (dragony.darkfury): and deepening submission
[12:45:50] A-Toy-Dragon (dragony.darkfury): when you trample slave with your boot
[12:45:55] A-Toy-Dragon (dragony.darkfury): or gag
[12:45:58] A-Toy-Dragon (dragony.darkfury): or bind
[12:46:04] A-Toy-Dragon (dragony.darkfury): or blindfold
[12:46:18] A-Toy-Dragon (dragony.darkfury): it's all manifestation of your dominance and their submission
[12:46:30] Thaliatrix: Perhaps less than human is too strong a phrase. Less human might be more accurate I suppose.
[12:47:09] Thaliatrix: Oh, yes, hello to new arrivals.
[12:47:09] Fawn Starflare: Everything toy and tha have said about gags and the feelings that might be associated with them.
[12:47:23] Fawn Starflare: However these are learned responses.
[12:47:39] A-Toy-Dragon (dragony.darkfury): gag is quite similar in effect with hoods
[12:47:49] A-Toy-Dragon (dragony.darkfury): gag denies one freedom of speech
[12:47:57] A-Toy-Dragon (dragony.darkfury): and hood steal identity
[12:48:14] A-Toy-Dragon (dragony.darkfury): i.e. both are something one can use to be unlike others
[12:48:27] Thaliatrix: Less than others.
[12:48:27] Fawn Starflare: There is a social contract about how symbols work. Without that knowledge, one may associate something completely different with a scene.
[12:48:37] A-Toy-Dragon (dragony.darkfury) nods
[12:48:59] Fawn Starflare: The most obvious case of this is how our actions are interpreted by those not part of the "BDSM Scene."
[12:49:02] A-Toy-Dragon (dragony.darkfury): people ignorant about SSC principle can see BDSM as something awful
[12:49:15] Ellen Cordeaux: I've never cared for those. The full hoods. They dehumanize my pets too much for my personal taste.
[12:49:23] Fawn Starflare: They might interpret it that way, yes.
[12:49:25] A-Toy-Dragon (dragony.darkfury): you said it ^_^
[12:49:28] A-Toy-Dragon (dragony.darkfury): dehumanize ^_^
[12:49:32] Fawn Starflare: Exactly.
[12:49:41] A-Toy-Dragon (dragony.darkfury): gag does that too
[12:49:56] A-Toy-Dragon (dragony.darkfury): when it extremely tight - no words come out
[12:50:07] A-Toy-Dragon (dragony.darkfury): only some sounds and mewling
[12:50:15] A-Toy-Dragon (dragony.darkfury): like an animal ^_^
[12:50:35] Ellen Cordeaux: I enjoy the gags, but something about covering my pets head completely...I dunno why I don't care for it. I suppose I want to see that pretty face.
[12:50:45] Fawn Starflare: One of the reasons I would never have ponies until very recently is that it deprived me of what I wanted from my girls. I want their companion ship, I want to use them sexually, etc. But those are denied to me in strict pony tack.
[12:50:53] A-Toy-Dragon (dragony.darkfury): and when you know you're not human anymore... it's freeing
[12:50:56] Fawn Starflare: Yes Ellen.
[12:51:02] A-Toy-Dragon (dragony.darkfury): you're letting it go and just enjoy it ^_^
[12:51:23] Ellen Cordeaux: Well Toy I've had subs tell me that before. *nodding
[12:51:32] Fawn Starflare: Sometimes it's removal of identity not the removal of humanness that is key
[12:51:33] Ellen Cordeaux: I guess it's a bit of a soft limit for me.
[12:51:46] Ellen Cordeaux: I understand it, I just don't like it oddly.
[12:51:53] A-Toy-Dragon (dragony.darkfury): when we submit, we free ourselves from weight of making decisions
[12:51:54] Thaliatrix: Ellen, I might theorize that it is more empowering to control a human that it is to control someone who is not.
[12:52:07] A-Toy-Dragon (dragony.darkfury): so we seek freedom in out loss of freedom
[12:52:18]  ღ Ţєşşa Romanov ღ (tessaromanov): hmmm
[12:52:22] Ellen Cordeaux: Hmms. Good point Thalia
[12:52:24] A-Toy-Dragon (dragony.darkfury): yet another paradox of paradoxical world of BDSM ^_^
[12:52:38] Fawn Starflare: Putting some sort of a mask on a sub has the effect of obscuring identity. This lack of identity makes it easier for others to use the sub, and for the sub to have the freedom to let go of inhibitions.
[12:52:50] Fawn Starflare: Yes, toy,
[12:52:54] A-Toy-Dragon (dragony.darkfury) nodnods
[12:53:02] Ellen Cordeaux: Hm yes I see that from the submissive's point of view.
[12:53:13] Fawn Starflare: Thalia, that theory does not hold.
[12:53:36] Fawn Starflare: You are assuming that Dommes dominate for the same reasons. But that is not true,
[12:53:55] Fawn Starflare: We all see something different when we look at a sub.
[12:58:21] Ellen Cordeaux: one does love a pony
[12:58:37] Fawn Starflare: One of the things that gags do is to present an impediment to performance.
[12:58:51] Fawn Starflare: This is something very often done in D/s games.
[12:59:23] Adonna Star (adonnaberti): May I ?
[12:59:24]  ღ Ţєşşa Romanov ღ (tessaromanov): so you have to work around it
[12:59:27] Fawn Starflare: It's sort of like a Domme doing something to ensure her slave trips and falls while carrying a tray full of drinks.
[12:59:37] Adonna Star (adonnaberti): I never thought I would enjoy pony play
[12:59:39]  ღ Ţєşşa Romanov ღ (tessaromanov): oie
[12:59:40] Fawn Starflare: It's a setup for a certain RP.
[13:00:12]  ღ Ţєşşa Romanov ღ (tessaromanov): do you like it now Adonna?
[13:00:19] Fawn Starflare: If you've ever been gagged in RL you know how hard it is to make someone shut up, to make speech totally incomprehensible.
[13:00:21] Adonna Star (adonnaberti): Oh yes :
[13:00:28] Adonna Star (adonnaberti): after I was collared
[13:00:39] Adonna Star (adonnaberti): I was introduced to it by Mistress
[13:00:44] Adonna Star (adonnaberti): and cart pulling
[13:00:47]  ღ Ţєşşa Romanov ღ (tessaromanov) grins
[13:00:54] Adonna Star (adonnaberti): and I admit in my gear
[13:01:01] Adonna Star (adonnaberti): and Miss on my back
[13:01:12] Adonna Star (adonnaberti): I feel very sexy and sensuous
[13:01:18]  ღ Ţєşşa Romanov ღ (tessaromanov): mmhmm
[13:01:24] Adonna Star (adonnaberti): It is wonderful
[13:01:43] Ellen Cordeaux thinks it sexy as hell.
[13:01:44] Adonna Star (adonnaberti): but we ride occasionally
[13:01:54]  ღ Ţєşşa Romanov ღ (tessaromanov): restrained and on display :)
[13:02:06] Adonna Star (adonnaberti): I love watching my haunches in a saddle
[13:02:09] Adonna Star (adonnaberti): yes
[13:02:20] Adonna Star (adonnaberti): a turn on for this Pony definitely
[13:02:33] Ellen Cordeaux: Also, something about that posture, the way the rear end is elevated.
[13:02:44]  ღ Ţєşşa Romanov ღ (tessaromanov) giggles at Miss Ellen's exuberance :)
[13:02:45] Fawn Starflare: I enjoy watching my girl's bum as she is pulling me on a cart.
[13:02:51] Ellen Cordeaux: it's very pretty in RL too, on the right girl.
[13:03:03]  ღ Ţєşşa Romanov ღ (tessaromanov): ooo
[13:03:10] Adonna Star (adonnaberti): I agree
[13:03:20]  ღ Ţєşşa Romanov ღ (tessaromanov) runs to google images :)
[13:03:27] Ellen Cordeaux: lols
[13:04:46] Ellen Cordeaux: Fawn, did you do any extensive training with your girl for pony? Or just buy the tack and go?
[13:05:52]  ღ Ţєşşa Romanov ღ (tessaromanov): Miss Ellen, i know Miss Melody was going to train a Mistress with me
[13:06:22] Ellen Cordeaux: oh yes?
[13:06:28]  ღ Ţєşşa Romanov ღ (tessaromanov): mmhmm
[13:06:43]  ღ Ţєşşa Romanov ღ (tessaromanov): like here's how to put on the tack...yummy
[13:06:53]  ღ Ţєşşa Romanov ღ (tessaromanov): here's the commands
[13:06:58] Ellen Cordeaux: sounds like a fun activity
[13:07:14]  ღ Ţєşşa Romanov ღ (tessaromanov): it is ... definitely better as a team sport
[13:07:21]  ღ Ţєşşa Romanov ღ (tessaromanov): there's dressage
[13:07:29]  ღ Ţєşşa Romanov ღ (tessaromanov): and cart pulling
[13:07:36]  ღ Ţєşşa Romanov ღ (tessaromanov): all requires two
[13:07:38] Ellen Cordeaux: LOVE RL too.
[13:07:44]  ღ Ţєşşa Romanov ღ (tessaromanov): me too
[13:07:51]  ღ Ţєşşa Romanov ღ (tessaromanov): so pretty
[13:08:08]  ღ Ţєşşa Romanov ღ (tessaromanov): dressage in here, requires concentration
[13:08:09] Carla (cyberspy): I prefer saddle riding myself, but cart pulls can be fun
[13:08:17]  ღ Ţєşşa Romanov ღ (tessaromanov): o
[13:08:28] Adonna Star (adonnaberti): And I like both as a pony
[13:08:35]  ღ Ţєşşa Romanov ღ (tessaromanov) grins
[13:08:37] Carla (cyberspy): :)
[13:08:41] Adonna Star (adonnaberti): enjoy sharing cart with my sister
[13:09:00]  ღ Ţєşşa Romanov ღ (tessaromanov): any recommendations where to get saddle and cart?
[13:09:13] Carla (cyberspy): yes
[13:10:08] Carla (cyberspy): Saddle can be purchased here: Broceliande (67,134,31)
[13:10:27] Carla (cyberspy): I normally pick up carts at vendor area of FFF
[13:10:42]  ღ Ţєşşa Romanov ღ (tessaromanov): oo thank you Miss

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