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Discussion 3/26/2014 Pony Miss Melody

[18:00]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): fawn yesterday mentioned a lot of things that today i would like to into more detail about
[18:00]  Fey nickers.
[18:01]  Tinkerbell (fey.savira) slips a sneaky little nose crinkle in comfermation
[18:01]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): hailey here is a mute pony not able to utter a single word it's a powerful way to control them
[18:02]  Pony lhawk22 stomps once!
[18:02]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): she is bound exposed and needs to draw attention to that fact even more by communicating only with its body
[18:03]  Hailey (lhawk22) nibbles and wraps her tongue around her pony bit
[18:03]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): not a thing for all ponies to do but it is one method for helping them find their place in this role

[18:03]  Tinkerbell (fey.savira) perks up to hailey and chews on the bit and gives you a head wiggle
[18:04]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): lavaca is another pretty volunteer pony from wildfire to help me show off the drastic differences in tack available
[18:04]  (Unnamed) LavacaTill1 Resident stomps her hoof once.
[18:04]  Mikky Heron: wonderful that there are so many ponies here
[18:04]  BETTYLATEXLOVER1 nickers.
[18:04]  BETTYLATEXLOVER1 sighs.
[18:05]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw) runs her fingers through hailiey's mane softly
[18:06]  Hailey (lhawk22) leans her head towards her Mistress, feeling the warmth from her fingers
[18:06]  Pony lhawk22 nickers!
[18:06]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): the courses are important for pony training but not by any means the mane aspect of the relationshipbetween trainer and pony
[18:07]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): please feel free to ask me any questions you may have about ponyplay
[18:07]  ღ Ţєşşa ღ (tessaromanov): what are the types of training available?
[18:08]  Gwendoline (sapphicfancy) is Offline
[18:08]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): steeples, slalom and barrels are the most common you see
[18:08]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): gate slalom is fun and flower dressage is in a lot of sims
[18:09]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): i dont see many ponies training on those cause there not often held in compatition but i like to have hailey run them to work on skills and elegance
[18:09]  Belle DeMorte (belle.tylman): Do you ever train working ponies?
[18:10]  Pony lhawk22 whinnies!
[18:10]  LavacaTill1 Resident nickers !
[18:10]  Belle DeMorte (belle.tylman): not that sort of working,,,, :P
[18:10]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): well all ponies should know the courses and techniques for doing them
[18:10]  Mikky Heron: I own a working pony, a draft pony.. she is big and muscular
[18:11]  Belle DeMorte (belle.tylman): Sweet.. :)
[18:11]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): even a cart pony can benefit from the courses and ways to move
[18:11]  Belle DeMorte (belle.tylman): Has anyone ever trained a cutting pony by chance?
[18:11]  Merjeni (mer7maids8) whinnies ?
[18:11]  ღ Ţєşşa ღ (tessaromanov): i really enjoyed the bit of dressage i learned
[18:12]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): not any i know of
[18:12]  Mikky Heron: I haven't seen a cutting pony specialty
[18:12]  Belle DeMorte (belle.tylman) nods
[18:12]  chrisa (chrisa.zifer) is Offline
[18:12]  Belle DeMorte (belle.tylman): not much herding around to call for it I would suspect
[18:13]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): dressage is a beautiful course but it's hard to master the turns
[18:14]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): hailey is a fast pony good for competition lavaca is a work pony but both get trained on the same courses
[18:14]  Pony lhawk22 whinnies!
[18:14]  (Unnamed) LavacaTill1 Resident whinnys.
[18:14]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): i obviously don't expect the same times
[18:15]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): but i do work hard to help them improve
[18:15]  Pony lhawk22 stomps once!
[18:15]  (Unnamed) LavacaTill1 Resident stomps her hoof once.
[18:15]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): i don't care if my girls are the fastest or not as long as they are trying and bettering themselves
[18:16]  ღ Ţєşşa ღ (tessaromanov): there is so much more to pony play than competition
[18:16]  (Unnamed) LavacaTill1 Resident stomps her hoof once.
[18:16]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): bath time grooming feeding and general care
[18:17]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): dressing them all of it is a trainers duty cause the pony is bound tightly and helpless without someone around
[18:18]  BETTYLATEXLOVER1 nickers.
[18:19]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): calling a pony "pony" or "IT' is a good way also to take there humanity away
[18:19]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): set them free of there fears and embarasment to explore a new world
[18:19]  Pony lhawk22 whinnies!
[18:19]  (Unnamed) LavacaTill1 Resident whinnys.
[18:19]  LavacaTill1 Resident nickers !
[18:20]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): fawn mentioned that blindfolded pony carting is something to do but its something very advanced and requires a pony and trainer to work together for a long time to achieve
[18:21]  BETTYLATEXLOVER1 shortens the reins, preparing to race
[18:21]  Hailey (lhawk22) shuffles back a little
[18:21]  BETTYLATEXLOVER1 turns < LEFT
[18:21]  BETTYLATEXLOVER1 stops turning
[18:21]  BETTYLATEXLOVER1 stops turning
[18:21]  BETTYLATEXLOVER1 releases the reins
[18:21]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): its a lot of rapid fire commands
[18:21]  ღ Ţєşşa ღ (tessaromanov): ooo i would be an accident waiting to happen
[18:21]  Mikky Heron: and blind steeple is fun and challenging, but rare.. trainer guides the blind pony around a jump course
[18:22]  ღ Ţєşşa ღ (tessaromanov): ooof
[18:22]  BETTYLATEXLOVER1 whinnies!
[18:22]   snow blossom (bettylatexlover1) stomps
[18:22]  Pony lhawk22 neighs!
[18:22]  LavacaTill1 Resident nickers !
[18:22]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): these are all done to build trust in the pony and the trainer
[18:23]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): but even the best drivers and crash a ponycart with a blind pony
[18:24]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): i like to emphasize emoting as a pony
[18:24]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): its easy to just use the sounds but they dont tell us much
[18:25]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): a shy pony can scuff it's hoof on the floor and look down blushing
[18:25]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): eager ponies and hop around showing that they are eager for more
[18:26]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw) gently runs her fingers over hailey's hip
[18:27]  Hailey (lhawk22) shuffles closer feeling the warm affectionate touch
[18:27]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): as trainer we need to read the signs of what they want and need but also to draw out more communication from them
[18:28]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): the whip trainers use isn't meant for hurting or scaring a pony its a loud noise to get and keep there attention
[18:29]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): simple and easy set of commands to control them even without the reins
[18:30]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): on a normal day with a pony a good warm up would be slalom barrels and circle track then a steeple event after that you can work your pony on most any course or show with easy letting them warm up and get a fell for distance and reaction of sl that day
[18:31]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw) pulls out two more carrot sticks offering them to her lovely ponies
[18:32]  ღ Ţєşşa ღ (tessaromanov): how does pony play compare to other D/s
[18:32]  ღ Ţєşşa ღ (tessaromanov): you sort of inferred i think...
[18:32]  Hailey (lhawk22) leans down and gently grabs the carrot between her bit and lips, licking the hand clean after
[18:33]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): its very similar but in many ways it's deeper, the pony willingly is submitting everything that is them to the trainer
[18:33]  Lavaca (lavacatill1) smiles around her bit and bends over nibbling on the stick and quickly taking it into her mouth after.
[18:33]  LavacaTill1 Resident nickers !
[18:33]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): giving up all humanity and trust into that person
[18:33]  Mikky Heron: pony also has 2 possible D roles, which is somewhat unique
[18:33]  Mikky Heron: owner and trainer
[18:34]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): true
[18:34]  Merjeni (mer7maids8) whinnies
[18:34]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): i own hailey but i help train lavaca
[18:34]  Pony lhawk22 nickers!
[18:34]  (Unnamed) LavacaTill1 Resident whinnys.
[18:34]  Mikky Heron: snow blossom and merjeni are owned by others, but I am a trainer of theirs.. I own tinkerbell
[18:35]  Helena (atalika) is Online
[18:35]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): merjeni is a fantastic pony
[18:35]  ღ Ţєşşa ღ (tessaromanov): that is fascinating
[18:35]  Tinkerbell (fey.savira) perks up and turns head over shoulder and beams over the bit at the mention of my name
[18:35]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): i met her long ago
[18:35]  Merjeni (mer7maids8) whinnies
[18:35]  LavacaTill1 Resident nickers !
[18:35]  Mikky Heron: many owners are not experienced in how to train and handle ponies, so they solicit the help of trainers.. betty and merjeni are an exception, in that they have excellent owner/trainers
[18:36]  BETTYLATEXLOVER1 nickers.
[18:36]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): a pony giving up everything is bound tightly the owner is responsible for all there daily needs as well as keeping them fit and making them feel loved
[18:36]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): a fast pony is nothing if it isn't happy
[18:37]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): when hailey started she wasn't sure and made a lot of mistakes
[18:37]  Pony lhawk22 whinnies!
[18:38]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): fell down a lot and she felt better knowing i was there to help her back up instead of just demanding more
[18:38]  ღ Ţєşşa ღ (tessaromanov): how sexual is a pony and how strict is the training
[18:38]  ღ Ţєşşa ღ (tessaromanov): oo sorry, entered that too fast :)
[18:39]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): some ponies doesn't like sex but some do its up to the pony and trainer but deny it all you like it is inherently sexual in nature
[18:39]  Mikky Heron: that said pony tends to be more sensual in practice than sexual.. you rarely see ponies having sex
[18:40]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): and i personally run my girls hard but when you see times slipping over and over, a trainer should stop that course training before you develop bad habits in the pony
[18:40]  Mikky Heron: lots of pampering, flirting
[18:40]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): that is is true, mikky
[18:41]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): even sensual caressing
[18:41]  ღ Ţєşşa ღ (tessaromanov): motivation :)
[18:41]  LavacaTill1 Resident nickers !
[18:41]  Mikky Heron smiles and nods
[18:41]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): you want your pony to feel loved and beautiful
[18:41]  Mikky Heron: strictness varies across the board
[18:42]  Mikky Heron: some trainers and ponies like it very strict, some less so
[18:42]  Mikky Heron: as in general D/s
[18:42]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): i'm strict but i don't demand 1 second faster no matter how long it takes
[18:42]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): i have seen that and a pony running the course for hours
[18:43]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): and both of them were happy but that isn't how i do it
[18:43]  Pony lhawk22 nickers!
[18:43]  ღ Ţєşşa ღ (tessaromanov): you talked about the tack... is there a bare minimum to tack mentioned to me that there are freebies.... where should i start if i want to be a pony girl?
[18:44]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): FFF PPP many of the larger pony places have a free set to offer to newcomers
[18:44]  Tinkerbell (fey.savira) raises and offers Miss Hippolyta a polite curtsis
[18:45]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): its a good way to see if pony play is something you might like
[18:45]  (Unnamed) LavacaTill1 Resident stomps her hoof once.
[18:45]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): before spending the thousands on outfitting yourself in all name brand gear
[18:45]  Mikky Heron: bridle, at least bottom hooves, pony sound hud, tail , pony AO are required to be considered a pony.. everything else is optional and to the pony's taste
[18:46]  Mikky Heron: also..
[18:46]  Mikky Heron: Pony Info Group is where the stables post events/classes
[18:46]  Mikky Heron: also there is an events calendar at
[18:46]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): to enter a contest all of that is needed and also the arms either bound or in hooves
[18:46]  Mikky Heron: on the calendar you will see that the pony community is very active and alive with events
[18:47]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): there is an event almost every day
[18:47]  ღ Ţєşşa ღ (tessaromanov): ooo
[18:47]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): the main sims host most of the events
[18:47]  ღ Ţєşşa ღ (tessaromanov): and when the pony is in she a pony or a girl and how is that switch made?
[18:47]   snow blossom (bettylatexlover1) stomps
[18:47]  (Unnamed) LavacaTill1 Resident stomps her hoof once.
[18:48]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): the switch is often made through the ritual of dressing your pony slowly piece by peice taking what they are from them
[18:48]  Mikky Heron: most ponies try to achieve a "pony headspace".. they try to forget their human tendencies, and approach a state of "being a pony"
[18:49]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): but they are girls behind the restraints even if you strictly referto them as an animal
[18:49]  Mikky Heron: and yes, the trainer can help them get there
[18:49]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): we help with the rituals and the actions as well as how we adress them
[18:49]  ღ Ţєşşa ღ (tessaromanov): fascinating
[18:49]  Mikky Heron: think of your interaction back and forth with a loved RL pet.. very similar
[18:50]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): thats a good way of putting it
[18:50]  ღ Ţєşşa ღ (tessaromanov): yes my pet has me trained very well :)
[18:50]  Mikky Heron: yes, and some of my ponies have me trained well also
[18:50]  Mikky Heron laughs
[18:50]  LavacaTill1 Resident nickers !
[18:50]  BETTYLATEXLOVER1 whinnies!
[18:50]  Tinkerbell (fey.savira) crinkles nose over to Tessa and giggles over the bit at the remark
[18:50]  Pony lhawk22 whinnies!
[18:51]  Mikky Heron: the pony community is a wonderful one full of high quality people, in general
[18:51]  Mikky Heron: I wonder why, and I think that the dedication required tends to attract those types of people
[18:52]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): many sims all work together to make pony play exciting and fun
[18:52]  Mikky Heron: also the lack of instant sexual gratification tends to run off the "drive-by" D's because they get bored
[18:52]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): its a lot of work for a trainer but very very rewarding in the end
[18:52]  (Unnamed) LavacaTill1 Resident stomps her hoof once.
[18:53]  Pony lhawk22 stomps once!
[18:53]  Mikky Heron: as in other D/s.. there are many more ponies (s) than trainers (D)
[18:53]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): many trainers are also ponies
[18:54]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): and that is a problem in itself
[18:54]  Mikky Heron: it can be if they aren't good at switching to an extent
[18:54]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): a trainer can burn out at times from neglecting there own sub sides
[18:55]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): i'm sure you have seen it, mikky
[18:55]  Mikky Heron: pony can be very addictive for trainers and ponies.. you have to be on guard from overdosing and getting burned out
[18:55]  Mikky Heron: yes
[18:55]  (Unnamed) LavacaTill1 Resident stomps her hoof once.
[18:56]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): thats why many sims work together to make sure everyone is taken care of including trainers
[18:56]  Mikky Heron nods
[18:56]  ღ Ţєşşa ღ (tessaromanov): wow
[18:57]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): pony play is a lot deeper then just dressing like one and running courses
[18:57]  BETTYLATEXLOVER1 neighs.
[18:57]  ღ Ţєşşa ღ (tessaromanov): it's a fascinating system/community compared to the rest of D/s
[18:57]  Mikky Heron: those familiar with other D/s tend to pick up pony quickly
[18:57]  Mikky Heron: it is easy for them to get their "bearings"
[18:58]  Mikky Heron: less adjustment
[18:58]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): same stuff just more group oriented
[18:58]  Pony lhawk22 whinnies!
[18:58]  (Unnamed) LavacaTill1 Resident whinnys.
[18:58]  Brandie Maas (rini.dragoone) is Online
[18:58]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): a trainer for a sim often owns their own girls but can work with 5 or more others that aren't there
[18:58]   snow blossom (bettylatexlover1) stomps
[18:59]  Mikky Heron laughs and nods
[18:59]  Mikky Heron: I train literally dozens
[18:59]   snow blossom (bettylatexlover1) stomps
[18:59]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): i own my 3 and work with many more regularly
[19:00]  Mikky Heron: but that is what is nice about pony
[19:00]  Mikky Heron: a D can be spread around among many ponies
[19:00]  Mikky Heron: making it fun for everyone
[19:00]  Mikky Heron: ponies have multiple trainers usually
[19:00]  Mikky Heron: makes for a big supportive community
[19:00]  ღ Ţєşşa ღ (tessaromanov): amazing
[19:00]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): very appealing for dommes cause there is almost always someone to be with
[19:01]  ღ Ţєşşa ღ (tessaromanov): yes with that 1 Domme to 10 sub ratio, no worries
[19:01]  Mikky Heron: and if no trainer around for r/p, the ponies can help each other with tack, the skills, etc
[19:01]  Mikky Heron: so lots to do no matter who is around
[19:02]  (Unnamed) LavacaTill1 Resident stomps her hoof once.
[19:02]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): thats how i learned i started as a pony around other ponies and trainers learning my way around
[19:04]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): are there any more questions for tonight?
[19:04]  ღ Ţєşşa ღ (tessaromanov): yayay
[19:04]  ღ Ţєşşa ღ (tessaromanov): i do want to look at the tack(s)
[19:04]  ღ Ţєşşa ღ (tessaromanov): like who got what from where
[19:04]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): sure i can get some lms for you in a sec
[19:05]  ღ Ţєşşa ღ (tessaromanov): i've been perving Tinkerbells gear
[19:05]  Fey nickers.
[19:05]  Mikky Heron: ponies stand
[19:06]  Merjeni (mer7maids8) whinnies
[19:06]  Mikky Heron: you will see they all have the required tack, just personalized for them
[19:06]  Mikky Heron: plus extras here and there
[19:06]  Mikky Heron: ponies are hands down the most beautiful creatures in SL, in my opinion
[19:06]  Pony lhawk22 whinnies!
[19:06]  ღ Ţєşşa ღ (tessaromanov): ooo merjeni is a unicorn!
[19:06]  (Unnamed) LavacaTill1 Resident whinnys.
[19:06]  Merjeni (mer7maids8) stomps
[19:07]  ღ Ţєşşa ღ (tessaromanov): never thought of that
[19:07]  Pony lhawk22 nickers!
[19:07]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): rosal for most of her outfit it looks
[19:07]  LavacaTill1 Resident nickers !
[19:07]  Mikky Heron: that is the trend dujour
[19:07]  Mikky Heron: was MD before that
[19:07]  Mikky Heron: was Morbid Play before that
[19:08]  ღ Ţєşşa ღ (tessaromanov): how do you get shiny hair Snow?
[19:08]  Mikky Heron: and there are several other great tack makers
[19:08]   snow blossom (bettylatexlover1) stomps
[19:08]  Tinkerbell (fey.savira) ((my boots, corset and neck is from Rosal, though the boots is moded, with horse shoes and no heels... the Head harness and tail is from MD... The chest harness is from Wild pets accessories... And armbinder is from restrained freedom... the belt, nipple bels, and horn, i made... and the tattoo is a freebie))
[19:08]  ღ Ţєşşa ღ (tessaromanov): wow
[19:08]  Pony lhawk22 whinnies!
[19:09]  (Unnamed) LavacaTill1 Resident whinnys.
[19:09]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): i have seen a lot of ponies make some of their own parts to add a bit of uniqueness to there look
[19:09]  BETTYLATEXLOVER1 nickers.
[19:09]  (Unnamed) Fey Savira stomps her hoof once.
[19:09]   snow blossom (bettylatexlover1) stomps
[19:09]  LavacaTill1 Resident stomps her hoof once.
[19:09]  Mikky Heron: but anyone can get started with free tack
[19:09]  Fey Savira stomps her hoof once.
[19:09]  Mikky Heron: so no need to be intimidated by the tack
[19:10]  ღ Ţєşşa ღ (tessaromanov): it's so preeeetty
[19:10]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): free is the best place to start you can always add to it slowly
[19:11]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): your ponies really are beautiful, mikky
[19:12]  (Unnamed) LavacaTill1 Resident stomps her hoof once.
[19:12]  Mikky Heron: thank you.. who they are inside makes me especially proud
[19:12]  BETTYLATEXLOVER1 nickers.
[19:12]  ღ Ţєşşa ღ (tessaromanov): i'll put this up on the blog for everyone
[19:12]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): lavaca bow to everyone and you can go tend the matters that need your attention
[19:13]  Mikky Heron: I have multiple euro ponies here that should get to bed also
[19:13]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw):
[19:13]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): that is the site for all the action at the pony sims
[19:13]  Lavaca (lavacatill1): ...
[19:13]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): a great thing to check if you want to learn more about the community
[19:13]  Pony lhawk22 whinnies!
[19:14]  Mikky Heron: thank you very much for leading the discussion Melody
[19:14]  (Unnamed) LavacaTill1 Resident whinnys.
[19:14]  Pony lhawk22 nickers!
[19:14]  Tinkerbell (fey.savira) thanks Miss Melody for the class with a polite curtsey
[19:14]  ღ Ţєşşa ღ (tessaromanov): lovely
[19:15]  Mikky Heron: thank you for arranging this, tessa
[19:15]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): its my honor to discuss pony play and the aspects to it
[19:15]  Fey Savira gave you Laithar's Curtsy  & Hold.
[19:15]  LavacaTill1 Resident nickers !
[19:16]  Mikky Heron: we must run.. have a great evening everyone!
[19:16]  ღ Ţєşşa ღ (tessaromanov): i love it
[19:16]  (Unnamed) LavacaTill1 Resident whinnys.
[19:16]  Lavaca (lavacatill1) bows to those leaving.
[19:16]  Melody (j3nny.fanshaw): be safe and don't train to hard
[19:17]  ღ Ţєşşa ღ (tessaromanov): i think i'll be putting on my tack more often

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