Saturday, March 27, 2010

Items by Gaby around the Cellar

One of our members, Gaby Puddlegum, is a talented and imaginative BDSM device maker. You can see (or use) some of her devices around the Cellar and its grounds. I will let you find them!

Below they are being enjoyed by my girl (dont believe her expressions she like them - especially the display stand ;-)).

They include a head trap:
A penetrating display stand:

Some simple stocks:

And a clever gorse bush that tears off your clothes if you are dragged through it:

Try them out, especially while wearing a RLV relay.

To buy them from her go to her vendor at:

PS. If other members would like to donate their items to the cellar and for me to promote them like this, do IM me. I am always keen to help promote the creative efforts of Cellar members (who I think are an exceptionally intelligent and creative bunch, but then I am probably extremely biased in this regard!).


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