Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Cellar etiquette

May I wish all cellar members and friends a very happy new year!

A quick reminder about Cellar etiquette:
  1. Politeness and respect should be universal with the sole exception of those who have consented to be treated otherwise.
  2. Consent needs to be explicit - e.g. wearing a cellar "slave" tag or given verbally. It can not be assumed simply due to appearence.
  3. Newbies and newcomers should be welcomed, helped and treated with tolerance and respect -- even if they declare themselves to be slaves, sluts etc. and even if they are annoying.
  4. All are free to choose their role, and to change as often as they like. Only those with Cellar tags of "submissive", "slave" etc. are bound by the rules for submissives (e.g. not sitting on sofas).
Thank you!


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