Thursday, September 24, 2009

3 Books by Tria Telling published in SL by Tai Koltai

Sexy D/s stories for you to read in Second Life

A Life In A Porcelain Box is a series of three complete stories by Tria Telling describing a young lesbian's adventures in Second Life, from her tentative and fearful entry into the world of domination/submission under the formidable Lady D to her full acceptance of the excitement of surrender to servitude.

Each story comes as a separate, beautifully bound and illustrated volume produced by the innovative Tai Koltai Publishing. The books not only make stimulating reading but, left lying on a table or bookshelf, add both decoration and real interest to any shop, club or Second Life home.
Price L$1250 for all three volumes.

There is a vendor at:

Or you can buy them from Xstreet at:

There are some copies in the Cellar library for people to browse.

My congratulations to both Tria and Tai -- good D/s stories are rare indeed.

(for a short review by a reader -- see the comments by Olivia)


Olivia said...

Thanks Miss San !

I bought the three copies :-)

Olivia said...

I purchased the three books, and have now installed them in my home and read them ...

The books are well written and cover three major stages in the life/journey of a young lesbian.

Each book, particularly the first, is written in parts. The first exquisitely tells of the hesitant steps taken by the girl towards ...

I enjoyed reading them ... at times finding the journey griping, at other times humourous, and always interesting.

I hope Tria is sufficiently inspired to provide us with Book 4

In much appreciation: Olivia