Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Annemarie Niekerk Memorial Service, Friday 28tyh August

The Annemarie Niekerk memorial Service will be held next friday, August 28th. It will be a party-like event celebrating Her Life and at the same time an event full off memories to be shared by all present.

Since Annemarie was dutch, but lived in New York City She had friends all over the world, throughout all timezones. It is therefore that i wanted this event to be a long one, enabling people from all timezones to be there for a while; it is not the intention to be there all the time :-).

The Memorial starts at noon and ends at 06:00 PM PST (SL time)/ 08:00PM - 02:00 AM (GMT). There will be some famous SL artists and a few DJ's performing fully free.

Guests are not supposed to tip the artists. Instead there are several "tipjars" that can be used to make a donation to the Royal Dutch Cancer Foundation (Annemarie died of cancer). This donation can be made directly to the foundation or inworld in linden.

I am aware that there will be people present, that did not know Annemarie, but come to see a certain artist. They are most welcome, but they should be aware of the nature of the event and behave accordingly; this means for instance no gestures.

Furthermore visitors are requested to leave all lag-causing attachments at home, since there might be lots of people at times and we do not want the sim to crash.

Tthe official announcement (can be rezzed or worn on te HUD) is obtainable from San Mauvaise, IM her for it. The location is:

Thanks again,

Liz Laville, widow

PS. There will be an exhibition of pictures of Annemarie upstairs at the Cellar to coincide with this event, in other words from the 28th for at least a couple of weeks. San

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