Monday, July 20, 2009

Declaration of Submissives' Rights (DSR)

Having watched the deplorable behaviour of a few dommes with respect to their submissives, I wish to make a strong statement concerning the minimum standard of behaviour that is acceptable. There are lots of other rights that are desirable, but can be a question of taste. Comments to me in-world in a notecard or to me in email please. I will take on board constructive comments and publish the final version in the future.
We declare the following to be the absolute rights of all submissives in SL.

1. To have their Sanity, Safety and Consent (SSC) respected at all times. That any domminant ensure, as far as reasonable, that all who interact with their submissives respect these principles.

2. To have their hard limits and use of safewords respected without exception or excuse. Further, that they not be put under pressure to weaken their own declared limits of withdraw use of safewords that they feel appropriate.

3. To be told when their dominants decide to quit SL (or swap to another avatar), so they dont hang around for weeks worrying and wondering if their domminants are coming back. A quick 3-line IM or email is a minimum. Similarly pretending death in RL is unacceptably cruel (unless arranged with those close to them).

4. In return for submission to be given sufficient attention by their domminants. The emotions that accompany genuine submission usually makes the submissive dependent on some attention for their emotional well-being. If a domminants has too many submissives they should not take on more. There is no way around this need (leaving them at a club, doing meaningless tasks, isolating them, putting them on display etc.) - if you take on a submissive you then you have to give them enough personal attention or let them go.

5. To be informed to a reasonable extent when they can expect their domminant to be online, so they dont needlessly mope around waiting.

6. If they have NOT submitted to anyone, to be able to dress and act as they wish, free from any interaction they do not wish for subject only to any rules of any place they visit. In particular for it not to be assumed that they will obey anyone or behave in any way if they have not consented to do so, regardless of their usual orientation or their manner of dress.

7. To not have to reveal any RL information they do not wish to reveal, especially those pertinent to their RL ID (NI numbers, name, address, credit card numbers etc.).

8. To be able to withdraw from any relationship for their own reasons (stated or otherwise), without inappropriate social sanction or public insult.

9. If not in any agreed relationship, to be free to take any desired role, for example to domminant, to switch or out of D/s altogether.

10. To be free to bring any contravention of these rights to public attention or the attention of a relevant authority.
Thank you.
San Mauvaise

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