Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Joie has left SL

Sad news... Joie has decided to leave SL. She said in her note:

"I wanted to send this out to everyone that I know on s/l. I have decided to delete my account. In fact, the cancellation is allready in, and time's a bit short.

Nothing is wrong, nothing bad has happened in r/l. I have simply thought about it, considered, and decided to spend more time with r/l, walking away from s/l. I will allways think about the time I've spent, and the poeple I've known and loved on s/l and smile. Thank all of you for every moment."

I wish her well in her future life. Although she played being a bit of a brat, and obviously craved attention, she did care for those around her. I will miss her playful presence.



Jilly Kikuchiyo said...

If she should look back in here, kisses and best wishes to a lovely person.


Eefje Afarensis said...


San Mauvaise said...

Well now she is back!