Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Second Language Speakers at the Club

Being in the fortunate position of having English as my native language, I find it easy to forget that for others it might be their second or third language. So if you are talking to someone who has difficulty with this, or just seems slow do be tolerant, they may well be struggling to keep up. Also if there are many in chat then it can be difficult to keep up (even for 1st language speakers), so do realise that someone not greeting you or replying to you may just have lost track. I forget at times, especially if the person's English appears good but is just a little slow, however I would ask that speakers at all levels be made feel comfortable in the club.


PS. Languages other than hegemenous English are welcome to be spoken too!

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Jilly Kikuchiyo said...

One of the most wonderful things about SL is the chance I've had to make wonderful friends (and lovers!) from around the world. Let's all make the effort to make the Cellar a place of true international accord.